The use of organic matter as a life-transforming tool

As I have already mentioned in my articles, the use and collection of organic matter is not a simple whim of agro ecologists, since it is undoubtedly an action that should be carried out in agricultural production units to give more life to plants and the entire chain in macro and microfauna.

▶ Credits: Sph.umich. – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ Credits: Unep. – [Image of Public Domain]

▶ It is worth mentioning that in the environment of the plants we must work with the organic matter that they themselves are depositing, so we must try to ensure all materials that are transformed with the same plants in simpler materials that can later be used in the production of organic fertilizers.

For example; we have vegetable organs such as fruits and flowers that are falling and decomposing, as well as leaves, that is to say that life is transforming into different colors also adding organic mineral elements to the substrate.

Consequently, the process of transformation of organic matter or microbiology, minerals are going up to the substrate, so it is important that once all the material falls, the operators of the agro production units should be responsible for collecting the organic matter that plants are leaving.

That is the reason why plant nutrition is achieved thanks to the decomposition of organic matter and with the cooperation, symbiosis and relationship that makes microbiology and macro biology, because from there comes a mechanism of recirculation.

▶ Credits: Theguardian. – [Image of Public Domain]

There is no doubt that organic matter is beneficial as a life-transforming tool, but unlike what many people think, it is not good for plants because they do not eat it. However, this organic matter is ideal for microorganisms that will decompose and solubilize it along with minerals, to deliver to the plant.

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