How Our Potted Veggies Are Progressing + Plans on Planting More... <3

Recently, the prices of vegetables and a lot of other stuff are rising. It's kind of sad especially for our pockets, so it'd be awesome to make our own produce.

Well, we don't have a big place, but we can try planting stuff in pots. We started it a few weeks back when we had some lemon grass, bok choy and eggplant.

We have the lemon grass in the bigger pot, then an eggplant on its left and the rest of the smaller pots have bok choy. This was the picture I took a couple weeks back.

From our front yard, we decided to actually put them in our garden at the back of our house. That time, papa was trying to cut some water gallons into half so we can utilize them as pots. This way, we can save on money and the plants would have a bigger space to grow.

Remember the 3 little bok choy in separate pots in the previous picture? This is how they look now. We replanted them in this gallon. They all look so pretty now. <3

Although it's in the same pot, the eggplant also grew. It's nice to check them out every morning. I usually go to the garden upon waking up and do some stretching while getting some sun. :)

We also have these onion leaves now. I hope they grow well, too.

And here's the lemon grass from before.

We have various types of plants in our garden beside and behind the house. We have some medicinal plants, flowering plants and just normal house plants.

A few days ago, I ordered some seeds online. We want to plant more vegetables both in our pots at home as well as in the small vacant land in our community which we can use as a community garden. The ones we're planting in that small vacant land would be for everyone.

If I'm free then, I'd like to document when we do the planting... and more gardening.

I really do hope that they'd grow well. Once we've planted them, I'll be updating their progress here as well.

The bought a variety of seeds, but most are "bonsai" ones since we're going to plant them in pots. It would be our first time doing so, so I'm quite excited about it. :)

Let's see what will happen then. Thanks for checking this out! See you around!!! :D


Those garden looks great! I've been trying to fix my garden but always procrastinating haha. You should share the progress of these again when they grow and bear vegetables, especially eggplant. I also told my mom that it'd be nice to actually grow some because same reason, price hike in just normal goods.

Thanks... Yes, that's our number one enemy... procrastination. haha xD Yes, will do so... can't wait for the seeds I ordered to arrive, so we could plant more... :) It feels great and kind of fulfilling to see them grow. ^^

This pot vegetable garden is amazing, it saves space and easy to maintain

That's right... Thanks for dropping by 🙂☺️

Wow, that sounds so cool! It's great that you're taking the initiative to start your own garden and make your own produce. It's a great way to save money and be more self-sufficient. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it and it'll be a great experience. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of your garden and hearing about your experiences. Good luck and have fun :)

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That's so true... especially now that the prices of a lot of goods are rising. Thanks a lot. :)

Welcome !PIZZA :)

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Pot vegetable planting is a great idea you know as the plants are well cared for right from the seeds and tendrils to a matured plant

Sureeee! It's really nice to see their growth... from seed to harvest.. hopefully... :D


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