Parchita fruit season.

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These days I have observed in different places the passion fruit plant loaded with fruits, they are still tender and their pulp has not matured.

The passion fruit is a bittersweet fruit with many seeds wrapped in a crystalline gelatinous pulp.
he passion fruit is known by various names, such as passion fruit, passion fruit and passion fruit. This plant is native to South America, it is a tropical fruit.





The passion fruit plant is a climber and its scientific name is "Passiflora edulis" and its life span is short compared to other plants.

The flower, apart from being very beautiful and decorative, is very healthy, in tea it acts as a relaxing and sedative.

Consuming the fruit regenerates and hydrates the skin, antioxidant, relaxing and contains enough vitamin C and minerals such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and folic acid.

This excellent fruit is widely cultivated as it is in high commercial demand for consumption either in juices, ice cream, jams or eaten fresh.

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