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RE: The Brain in the chest

Well written and well detailed.
The discord between the heart and the brain should be resolved. Because there is indeed a connection between them. Like you have said what the heart desires and it sends signals to the brain. So any malfunctioning between both could affect one negatively.

Goood one for the contest. Wish you best of luck

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Thanks for the good wishes @abdul-qudus .

Most of the time I feel we just go for a decision by taking any one of them in consideration. If we take both into account we experience real happiness. Have you ever experienced such a state when you felt your heart talked to you? You listened to it?

Yeah. Sure. It happens.
Most times I feel it. There was a day I felt reluctant going to school for night read. But I have to meet with someone at school. He was there waiting for me. And what he came to school for was to assist me with my studies. So I can't disappoint him.
My heart told me not to go.but I told my brain I have to go.
The next morning I came home sick

Ahaaa! So your heart guided you well, but what made you sick? The weather?

The stress. I should have rest at home

I see. Yes, the stress causes more damage than we can think