banned again so here's a memorial

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It was bound to happen and was just trying to post something in one of my vaccine groups when instantly it was deleted as if someone was stalking me, then as I tried to 'like' something this happened

So am on FB holiday again for a full week this time. Posting on Hive where there are others who'd like to shut me up too.
I also heard a woman in Australia telling us they're trying out the proof of ID scheme for getting online. Meaning no more anonimity for anyone on social media or anywhere. Wow. Some will say if you have nothing to hide then why moan? I'd say to them just you wait until they do something you don't agree with and see how you like it.
I was about to make a post about a strange post that FB told me was a 'memory' from 11 years ago so I might as well do it now.
It was from a man we'll just call Lloyd and it surprised me. What had I done to affect someone so they had to come and post such a glowing tribute? I didn't remember having any contact with him tho it was a long time ago, so I had to look into it.
I started by going to his profile to see who he was and sadly discovered he had died, not only that but he had died a couple of years after he'd posted his passionate tribute to me. What had happened in between? Why had he contacted me? I noticed he was a fisherman so wondered if we'd argued about hunting.

Or had he reached out to me about his cancer? First port of call was a search in my cancer group and bingo. Found it.

So he seemed to be pretty angry about my cancer group and felt the need to vent at alternative views on it. He decided to vent some more.........

After this he deleted himself from the group so I searched my messages just in case we had talked more and yes we had. The plot thickens. Because he had left the group I'd sent him my reply by message so he would see it. I used to be very stubborn back then. I can't say I would do the same now tho...

He came back to me a little calmer and reasoned

and then I must have sent him a book which Ty Bollinger had donated to me and given me permission to send to those in need. He wrote again..

I know back then I was still in the thick of my research and hadn't reached my final conclusions yet so that book was the best I could do for now. I never heard from him again as far as I can tell until the final post which came up in my memory. It's dated 2010 so it seems our triste was short lived too.
This was what surprised me so much........


He spoke like he knew me, that I'd touched him. Reading this now knowing he died floored me. Had I done enough? Had I convinced him to change anything? Obviously not. I had failed. I looked through his page some more and saw his daughter had also tried to steer him and that he had tried to change his diet

but that obviously didn't last long as this seemed to be his idea of a healthy diet

none of those 'veggies' in sight. He'd also tried to quit smoking but this seemed to be a last minute attempt and he was pumping himself full of the same chemicals by other means....

Patches AND sweets!
He also sadly allowed them to pump him full of chemical poisons for years despite how sick they were making him. This was after he had reached out AND he knows they are poisoning him.


This was so painful to read and despite looking for his group he mentioned he was updating his treatments and side effects in I couldn't find any sign of it. Did he delete it or did facebook? Quite a few posts about hospitals and chemo and feeling bloody awful then this

After this post he seems to have gone to a hospice and within days he was gone.
So I found the amazing post fb sent me as a memory turned out to have a very sad ending. I remember him now and will remember him with this little memorial. RIP Lloyd.
One more thing which made me chuckle a bit and I'm sure Lloyd would be laughing too is his hat which I found Ironic given the timing and the year from hell we're all going through while he no doubt laughs at the whole thing.
A co-RONA hat
Bless you Lloyd, you had the last word.


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It takes dedication to change your lifestyle and I fear few have it. My mother-in-law is in this situation as we speak. She seemed to be in remission, but now it's in her chest bone and liver. We've tried to point her down the right path, but she prefers her sugar laden food and trusting in the chemicals they give her in the hospital. Everyone wants a panacea so they can continue to fuel themselves with crap.

I'm so sorry to hear that. From what I've learned some people don't learn until they've seen someone go through this. I saw it with my mum and would never trust modern medicine. My best friend saw it with her mum and she got over breast cancer with no treatments. It is the fear that you need to address. Do not believe the doctors when they say you will die without their chemical poisons it's the sickest lie there is.

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Fakebook...multiple accounts, and no typed words...none of my accounts have had full suspensions in over 3 months!

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only 7 days? amateur!!
Im just released from a 30 day fb jail sentence.
what was my heinous crime?

Forming a kiddie fiddler group?
Forming a jihadi group?
Revealing the truth about the paedophiles, sexual deviants and murders that are the house of windsor?

Nope far worse than that, I inadvertently posted a snap that contained, ( if you enlarge x10 and squint your eyes), a female nipple, and not even an erect one !!!!

Fuck the puppet masters

we should link up on fb. I post a lot about breast feeding now and again and yes they even delete those posts. Sick mofo's.

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Found you
following you

Ok that's stalking not linking up hahaha. I can't find you

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i shall message you!

This is an astonishing post. When I started it, I thought it was going to be a troll situation. I couldn't be sure you weren't employing sarcasm. But it turned out to be a memorial post. Very nice. I hope he had some loving happy moments before he died, because they sure put him through hell.

Lloyd's story could be used as an argument against MFA especially this part:

they all want to charge me $1000 a week which I don't have

He was angry at his disease, and, at first, at you, because you were positing treatments that insurance would not pay for.

He was angry at life and at himself mostly but from what I did know of him he sure loved fishing and making people laugh. His daughter still posts n his wall and misses him a lot. I wish I could have got through to him that just not doing chemo etc would have saved him. I never posted anything about costly treatments in my group either he was comparing me to something else.

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