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The Best Internet Application

When talking about the internet in the 90s of the 20th century, the most important ideals were - free global access and knowledge share.
Ofcourse communication was also a major promise that indeed came true.
We have plenty ways to communicate, but the dream of global free access to meaningful data is far for being implemented.
The best application for this purpose today is Wikipedia imho.


Open and Free - Wikipedia is open and free (currently) and that is exactly the vision of The Global School regarding data access.
Anyone can access this content from anywhere (unless the country censorships the site but thats an internet issue that is dealt with other projects like Helium )

Traceable - Wikipedia is very auditable. You can see trace of changes and even suggested changes that were rejected. While in the blockchain world this is taken for granted, this is an important principle adopted by Wikipedia and helps keep transparency and trust.

Reputation - for quality vaules you must maintain the quality of the contributors. This is a common mechanism today adopted in platforms like Hive, Stackoverflow and many other platforms and Wikipedia was one of the fisrt platforms adopting reputation mechanism which clearly paid off.

Donantions only (problematic but good intention) - Wikipedia kept it relatively clean (will elaborate in improvments) keeping out advertisements.


Transparancy of interests - transparent rewards - while donations seems the cleanest way of funding so far, there are many hidden interests in Wikipedia. PR budgets are vastly poured on high reputation contributors but this monetary mechanism stays behind the scenes. In transparent rewarding like in Hive these interests can be countered.

Tracks and courses - The Global School biggest value proposition is the path building. In Wikipedia this is completely missing and one may get lost in looking for the correct relationship of knowledge items.

Decentralisation - Forkability of values - while Wikipedia keeps trace of changes and suggestions, there is only one value at the end. Using courses and paths The Global School can allow conflicting oponions to co-exist in different paths (for examle 2 conflicting social-political views).

In summary the Wikipedia model is clearly a lighthouse to look at in the design.

I am thinking weather detailing Git strengths and weaknesses has additional value or we can jump in the next post for the High Level Design of The Global School.
Thanks for reading, comments are welcomed!


Very interesting!

Do you have a business case for such a global school? What could resourceful entrepreneurs do on Hive?

I am in the thinking process. I think Hive can be a platform for such global school. I will get back on this comment.