Don't miss "opportunities"

How many opportunities pass around us and we don't even pay attention, and after we let them pass we complain for not having taken advantage of that opportunity that went away.

Image - Maybe it's time for you to step out of your comfort zone and take a little more risk.

Our life is made up of cycles, some close, so that other cycles open up, and everything is fine, nothing is out of control, so is our life, full of phases.

I've already lost many opportunities for doubting things, but for not wanting to go deeper and daring too much I lost because I ended up getting left behind and with many regrets.

But don't think that I'm going to give up or that I'll even give up, I'm still being beaten, but I'm firm and strong because the battle isn't over yet.

You know that bad phase... it passes, with time everything passes... and nothing remains the same, people change, situations change...

And we have to always be prepared for changes and shape ourselves as everything changes.

Hey, psiu, try hard in everything you do, and don't miss out on opportunities...


Missing opportunities causes one to live in regrets. I have learnt over time to grab any opportunity that comes my way

That's right... we should always take every opportunity

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Sometimes, you are just doing something you like and you don't know it is a real opportunity.

Definitely,this is good to see , though am a late comer here today,but will still add a Saying by saying.

Once an opportunity is Missed,it won't be gotten back at all