Brainy Poetry/ a fun word salad...or not

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Ahhhh poetry, who doesn't just love it? As a weirdo who doesn't like being online too much and almost becomes orgasmic when I am not staring at a screen, sometimes I enjoy poetry.

Rap is poetry as are Limericks and the dirty ones were fun to write at times spent chasing dreams and caring about fancy sports cars. (I miss my Audi but it was a bit much.)
I suppose words rhyming isn't everyone's cup of tea or vodka but there is something telling about how and if someone can write a decent rhyme.

  • If Mumble Rap can make millions then my poetry will tokens/friends/networking buddies? Perhaps writing for the sake of enjoying it is also a BIG part of keeping things FRESH and Fun instead of heavy all the time.

I present to you a poem, it's gonna be interesting!

to...@proofofbrainio and @proofofbrain and of course @fireguardian

"Grey Matter" by @battleaxe

It's not just a zombie who wants your brains
it's not just adrenaline that runs through our veins
Every day is a new gimmick or front
give me the ball and watch a high heeled PUNT...
The Doge run proves that mirth does indeed matter
so does a roadmap and some brainzzzz on a platter
The communities mingle and tend to cooperate well
ignore negative noise, it's bad, can't you tell?
Due diligence is a thing and some logic works too
sometimes charisma is the most super of glues
Time in and time out the patterns repeat...
it's not all winners and losers and in the middle we meet
I enjoy lots of places and people who think
not just of themselves or their percievable "rank"
Often I write of political intrigue of sorts
then maybe move around and whip up some retorts...

Thanks to all those making my nomadic wanderings fun and keeping the creative juices whirling while we all are making our ways through this proverbial jungle. Peace!

images from giphy and have a nice day

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It's not all winners and losers and in the middle we meet

It should be that way, but we both know ... it's not

If it were that way, there would be no rich, and no poor ...

well I know what circle we are in ;) hehe <3
what a boring existence to go around neckbearding people from the comforts of an office, the thing is that a lot who want to puff up and cherry pick how tags on hive are used may benefit from that which they use as their animal totem....a pu**Y cat , I love cats and dogs, I like dogs more as they don't have hairballs doh , lol

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I am not an expert in poetry, but I loved the part that says: 'it's not all winners and losers and in the middle we meet', it makes me think that in a world characterized by competition and the desire to destroy others a group stands up to shout to the world that cooperation and solidarity among all is the best way to move forward in life, at least that's what I interpret from your work.

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hmm, thanks, just curious as to why leave comments but not uv
seems I'm not the only one noticing it,

Every day is a new gimmick or front
give me the ball and watch a high heeled PUNT...

This has that strong independent woman flava! I'd definitely vibe to some recordings, rap is always hard to read with the same flow intended by the lyricist.

Nice job, I'm glad you managed to get round to sharing this. Eagerly awaiting more!

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ahhh thanks,you're a good one @calumam

I guess I can see their point since the focus for Leo is crypto and finance-related and they did drop a message letting you know that. I'm hard against downvoting for no reason and squashing great content but I can understand why the LEO rewards may have been downvoted. This is always going to be the issue with merging tribes and it's not a bad thing by any means, it's hard to know what each tribe requires just going off of tags.

We're in a unique position where everyone wants a piece of POBs ass and since we're a generic content-based tribe there is always going to be overlap.

*I'm a big fan of anyone who speaks their mind.

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is that *part for moi? ;) gonna go ahead and sip coffee and figure it is
it's quite simple I will use the freespeech community set up by @angryman , I'd like to see more of that going on or being promoted anyhow

*side note, I'm a big fan of people who are big fans of those who speak their minds toooooo :)

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loving all the dv things while most of us are doing great , what petted the pussy wrong @meowcurator? maybe you and sunsetjesus can get a drink, I'll buy

Maybe you should stop tag spamming and only using appropriate tags. I don't see anything in this post related to LeoFinance at all.

I just started on Leo and here's the thing about mirth and using tags in communities I actually am in , you are allowed to do that just as you are allowed to disagree
because anyone pointing out in a mirthful way that communities and networking between them is a good thing (God forbid anyone makes anything fun but alas it's your ride baby and it's also mine so have a nice day and perhaps talking about communities playing off each other just doesn't touch your tra la la) <3 ;) me-wow

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@deathwing and how many of those are on leo frontends and nobody cares? also running to dv is so 2018 but that's cool, I'll just mute you and carry on with riding the bull , hypocritcal much imho?

Not Leofinance related

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ahhh well then, instead of DV 3.50 when there are TONS using that tag that realllllly have nothing to do with it I'll remove it when you remove your flag, that's a lot more civil than running off people on here considering you and I both use @proofofbrainio and seeing how people such as @lucylin and many others are sick of hamfisted stuff
you could have dm me in A SERVER instead of being like this as the POB HOTLIST has lots that shove Leo in there and I'm IN LEO community.
Great welcome , removing it, expecting you'll remove your vote then

ahhh the tag "freespeech" seemed appropriate given the lack of it on here and of decentralization, cheers maga man, sorry Biden won, I voted Kanye :)