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RE: Celebrating 3k Staked Bonanza! - 1k Delegation GONE!!!

in Proof of Brain8 months ago

thank you so much, the second one was the hardest, two days of being like (ahhhhhhhhhhh) but this is my jam
thanks to the pob community and @fireguardian for racking my brain with cipher challenges
9f3d02d9e5d2ab012a6cff3ca19ee329daa045e9c67d62a8282eab3e752d8ced :) <thank you message

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for anyone reading this, am a manual curator anyhow and am focusing on those using the @proofofbrainio frontend as well as leaving messages that were written with some brainzzzz.... Thank You all and I hope to see some new people using the POB frontend rather then it's thrown in just because "free money".

will curate on other frontends that used the pob tag but actually using the community one shows a bit more attention towards POB. <3

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