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RE: Proof of NO brain is exposed by using the 'having skin in the game' as a valid argument.

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You really should edit this comment, calling someone a scammer because you made up a claim about them is not in good form.

I and others shouldn't have to say it, but when I and others see you engaging in things like this(especially when you are not factually correct) it's not a good look nor is it good in any way.

I get that you don't have time to go through someone's post history to figure out things about them, sure, that makes sense and I agree there. But don't you think that you then "shouldn't"(but you can if you want) throw out accusations, unless you took the time to do the research(your comment response admits you didn't)?

You can certainly not like @lucylin and can state that opinion openly, but to call lucy a scammer without evidence(and I am certainly open to seeing evidence if it exists) should be something we all refrain from.

I did reference one piece of evidence, if you review the comments on this page (it's not a lot of research to ask of you). You can look at his first post. He gave his explanation for why it wasn't a scam. You can make your own judgment about his explanation.

But from my point of view, his explanation rings very hollow. That's in part because of other things he's said, not just that one post. Even in the comments on this page, I find him to be continuously disingenuous in his comments. His proponents will explain such behavior as him just trying to trigger emotional reactions, etc. But I don't think such reasoning provides a defense for lying.

I have a lot of experience dealing with and recognizing the behavior of scammy individuals as opposed to the casual liar, and his behavior matches well with that of many scammers I've met in the past. They use a mix of truth and lies to try to get people to believe their lies. They come up with bullshit excuses whenever their lies are pointed out. They also quickly try to redirect from the issue being raised and spend most of their writing time on personal attacks, make grandiose claims, etc.

There's more to the pattern recognition my brain uses to identify such individuals that I can explain simply, because it is a pattern recognition process that goes on somewhat subconsciously (this latter claim from me may sound fantastic to you, but I'm trying to be as honest as possible with you about how it works for me), but I hope the points in the previous paragraph above give you some idea how I go about coming to such conclusions.

It's difficult to prove conclusively that someone is a scam artist, it's generally a judgement call. But I continue to hold this judgment about him, based on the evidence I have available to me.

I've read lucylins stuff off and on throughout the years because he sometimes posts in our hashtag community. He makes some troll posts, he makes some flame posts, he makes some interesting and insightful posts, and sometimes he makes posts that are in our community and they are pretty decent. I have made a few troll posts over my time here but I keep mostly serious when I do post.

I've seen him explain his account situation multiple times over the years.

I am not sure what the scam he is pulling. His posts on politics/corruption/news are pretty well thoughtout and detailed.

If you want to know what he wants I will tell you. He wants a mixture of making money(according to him he lives off of the money where he is in somewhere that is low cost in South East Asia) and he wants his tendies(attendies) as I call them. He likes the attention. Everyone keeps giving him all this attention lol.... "don't feed the troll" is a popular phrase that comes to mind.

The more you all talk about him and point at him the more fun he is going to have talking and pointing at you, and him and his buddies have a blast with this as well. I found this entire saga pretty amusing for the last 3 or 4 months.

You guys should just mute him and move on if you don't like him. I personally find him to be pretty funny at times, though I am a gamer and was raised online in various trolling subreddits and stuff. I try to keep my trolling on here to a minimum.

I will add one more thing to this, time has value and depending on how sucked into things we get it can be a drain. "Time Vampires" are a thing. There are people out there who will suck the time out of you and have a blast doing it, I occasionally would partake in such trolling on twitter and facebook and different subreddits when I was younger. It's fun, you get people all worked up and they write out these big long responses and then you write responses back and keep it going for as long as you can.

Some people are wired to have fun doing that, probably most people aren't.

I wrote a really stupid post that was gibberish a few months ago for the trolling and the lulz that was just nonsense and clickbait for example. I do that every so often, lucylin might do it every other post lol.

Thanks for sharing your perspective, your view may be more correct than mine, there's no real way I know to be certain which of us is more correct in this case.

The more you all talk about him and point at him the more fun he is going to have talking and pointing at you, and him and his buddies have a blast with this as well. I found this entire saga pretty amusing for the last 3 or 4 months.

I don't really care if he and his buddies are having fun or not. It's pretty much a non-issue for me.

Also, from my perspective, there's no "you all" here. While several people have tried to indicate some kind of coordinated group action by me and others, I downvoted the original post independently, for reasons previously given and I've seen no reason to change my opinion on that. I rarely bother to downvote, but occasionally I see something that rises to that threshold for me.

time has value and depending on how sucked into things we get it can be a drain.

I'm well aware of this, and I rarely waste much time responding to simple trolling (and you'll notice that all my responses to lucylin have been about 10x or more shorter than his longwinded comments). In a few cases, I decide that what's going on is in some way worse, in which case I may devote a little more time to the issue.

In this case, I see someone who appears to be quite happy making deceptive statements as part of an attempt to elicit financial gain from upvotes. He's far from the only person on this platform that does this and I don't usually waste my time trying to identify them.

This would have ended a long time ago at the downvote in the normal case. But in this case several people questioned my downvote and made erroneous claims about it, so I decided I could spend a little time to set the record straight.

I did not intend to imply/say there was an organized downvoting, wanted to clarify that.

Just saying that in general, he is getting peak attention on this platform lately and he is sitting there with his lotion and tissue box enjoying every stroke.

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Read my above reply.

Do people not read anymore? lol

There ain't nothing scammy.
(Full reply coming in a sec - in above section - I just noticed your comment)

Nothing scammy...

Him and Frot are pretty good friends.

Those two circle jerk eachother 24/7 if you read their comments back and forth between eachother.

I don't know how that's a scam?