The first BRITTS BRAIN BLOG June 2021


My first BBB. Congrats you are reading

We all know that our brain, and yes we all have some, I agree some more than others but it’s the amount that is there controls your ability to think, talk, blog, feel, see, hear, remember things, walk and much more. It even controls your breathing. Thank god for giving us brains.
The easiest explanation I found was that our brain works like a big computer. It processes information that it receives from the senses and body, and sends messages back to the body. Brain tissue is made up of about 100 billion nerve cells (neurons) and one trillion supporting cells which stabilize the tissue.

The brain is a soft mass of supportive tissues and nerves connected to the spinal cord. Some of the nerves in the brain go right to the eyes, ears and other parts of the head. Other nerves connect the brain with other parts of the body through the spinal cord to control personality, senses and body functions from breathing to walking.
Taken from the John Hopkins site the best one to answer questions about brain and brain treatment.



Is all about having fun with the brain you have and fun on Hive and keeping the engagement going. We all have brainwaves, do a bit of brainbalance and we eat healthy brain food and hope that our brain will survive and stay healthy untill we are 100.


You can make a smoothie with the craziest ingredients. Nevertheless, a number of components almost always appear in the most popular and healthiest recipes. These are the best ingredients to make an easy, tasty and healthy smoothie:

Acai berries

Some of these ingredients are in my top 5 of Brain Foods and therefore support your Brain Balance. I am a follower of Charlotte Labee both as a designer and a fellow dutchie who turned her life around and started to practice brain balance.





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Congratulations on your first brain post.
You know though you compared our brains to a big computer, but I would say the brain is far greater and bigger than the big computer and can retain millions of information as ever but sadly most times we humans don't even utilize a quarter of our brain's natural capacity.

Britt's first Brain Blog wasn't so bad. Keep more coming! And thanks for sharing the ingredients for a healthy and tasty smoothie.

Wasn’t so bad thank god, only the user experience making the blog was a challenge , I hope it wI t be the last we have to see
Thank you for stopping by and giving your opinion
Have a great Sunday

I hope so too. Have a wonderful Sunday too.

I am happy to curate this post. Thank you and #theterminal for all the help you've given me since my arrival to the blockchain. I'll be sending some new people here your way soon enough for some learning!

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Thank you friend that is highly appreciated

You are very welcome.

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Damn! I'm proud to have come across this today.
As for smoothies made with those ingredients you listed above.! I love them. Smoothie is one of my favorite drink.
And for my brain, I actually thank God I got one too and I know how to make good use of it.

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With the weather we have here today like 26 degrees celcius the smoothies are must

Wish I could have some lol

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Hahahah nope you have to make yourself

Oops my bad lol! I'll try something.

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Hahahahahaha and dont forget to blog about it on proof of rain or naturalmedicine or foodiesbeehive that is where the blog will do well

Oh! Thank you very much.

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it's almost 1am and this post is making me want a smoothie LOL! It looks amazing.

@ryzeonline this looks amazing. I bet you'd love if I made us some of these. Those ingredients all sound so good. I have a feeling all smoothed up in the blender they're even better!!!

I'm down to mix them all in one smoothie or just a few of them...I think I'm tired if I want a smoothie with ALL of them at once haha.

I'm totally into enhancing my brain balance.

Thanks for the inspiration @brittandjosie

~love, Cyn

Hi cyn,
This is heaven and the boys get all they need in one drink. So this is a stayer in our household!

Mmmmm it's the next day and it still sounds amazing lol! I will have to get the ingredients and make it! ❤️

I am totally down to try this. Looks epic. :) 🙏