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Wide token distribution within the majority of crypto projects should be of high priority. However, when it comes to Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) based social media projects, this priority should have a flashing red light attached with a label stating "URGENT".

Without widespread distribution, power remains in the hands of a few, and the projected script is usually based on limited points of view.

Broader distribution = Greater Network Effect = Bigger Range of Content/Opinions/Information/Knowledge/Emotion/Life/Joy/etc.


image courtesy - Olav Ahrens Røtne

We can't turn back time and redistribute the total POB token supply to the current active members, but we can present solutions that will assist with reward distribution to the valuable creators here on the platform.


Automation is a controversial subject here on Proof Of Brain, which is no surprise considering that the general opinion is: "you need to manually vote to show you're using your brain".

When it comes to broader distribution on such a large scale within the DPoS environment, the only way to ensure some success is for the larger stakeholders to actively spread their vote around to as many people as possible. This can become an issue when each individual stakeholder has to consider the following;

Time: How much time does an individual have to manually curate?

Responsibility: Are the votes going to content/accounts that deserve the rewards?

Integrity: Does the vote recipient have the platforms best interests in mind?

Curating on such a large scale to accommodate an ever-growing platform is an awful lot of work. Especially if you are looking to do an excellent job of it.


I propose an experiment/project that will initially run for the month of July that will hopefully help with reward distribution. It should also provide members of the community an opportunity to prove themselves as integral members of the platform.

POBleus: Cooperative Curation


The nucleus maintains the integrity of genes and controls the activities of the cell by regulating gene expression—the nucleus is, therefore, the control center of the cell.
~ source

Here is how POBleus would work:

Step 1: Curators will be selected based on their current and past actions here on the POB platform.

  • Curators must have no auto votes (100% manual curation)
  • Curators will be voted in by the community
  • Curators can not sue me for emotional strain/stress (lol)

Step 2: @proofofbrainio will follow said curators curation trail at 10% with a 24-hour delay.

5 curators at 10% using their full vote weight per day would still give @proofofbrainio 50% of their vote weight to use on posts within the 24-hour window for increased rewards.

Step 3: @proofofbrainio will also delegate 'X' amount of POB to the curator (let's just say 2,500 POB for talking sake) to incentivise them to do a good job.


Accountability and Community

POBleus has a discord server open to the all, which is utilised by curators, members of the community, and larger stakeholders.

An account for @pobleus has also been created so that information can be provided on-chain, although the options within Discord for feedback and utility are unmatched.


Curators will vote on content and share the best finds within the #link-drop channel on the discord (possibly limited to 'X' amount per day). Only curators can share links.

Members of the community can react to the posts to show their support or disproval; large stakeholders can visit the channel, see the reactions, decide to vote or not.

Members of the community can share messages in the accountability channels to provide insights into the curators or authors actions (collective responsibility and transparency).

Transparency is a crucial factor in responsible curation and is a necessary building block for determining accountability.

Any concerns or issues can be discussed, and decisions about delegation and curation trail removal or upgrades can be made.


The above is a potential solution for responsible reward distribution, but it is not 100% in line with the Proof Of Brain ideals (although it is pretty close).

I'd recommend testing it out as an experiment for a month (possibly a one week trial for curators before the delegation is applied) to see if it helps at all.

This process could lead to classified curators for specific topics/tags or standalone curation efforts sponsored by other larger stakeholders.

Problems will arise, more solutions will be needed, and community support will be critical to its success. Please share any and all concerns below.

Don't forget to write your post for this week's POB Word of the Week!

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POBleus: Cooperative Curation

Cool tagline/motto here, brain spent, need inspiration, thanks.

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It sounds like a good idea.

I really require quality posts to read and curate and that is hard.

I checked POB posts and many are not good quality, I would like some curators dedicated curators curate good ones, put the link in discort server and I can read it and decide if I want to upvote that article or not.

BTW... I am trying to engage more in POB community, so checking some stuff here, your article was a good ponder on how to improve POB and all.

I checked POB posts and many are not good quality, I would like some curators dedicated curators curate good ones, put the link in discort server and I can read it and decide if I want to upvote that article or not.

Content is up and down, that's why we need a push for some quality curators who want to take the role seriously. The stream of posts are often cookie cutter content that is regurgitated from Google. There are some gems out there though.

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Talking about gems, under all this clutter my content is buried too(: but I am working to get more present in the community. Good curation will benifit me I think since my posts will get recognized here once a while if its a quality content!!

I saw some general posts here that not qualified to be on POB, travel and some general stuff, little dumping of content is happening around which is unfortunate, because of this many good posts will be unnoticed.

Anyway, a good structure will always organize things better, its good community is pondering about it for a start!!

Honestly i support voting to be done manually than automatic. Some people who are new in the community who are not well known may write something meaningful but since they are not part of one's autovoting works for then end up not having a vote and by so doing it will discourage them from writing.

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I understand your point of view. This solution above would actually provide more opportunity for content to be voted across the platform and gives an alternative option to larger stakeholders who are only autovoting a handful of people to provide returns.

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Hey, @calumam, I have questions

What will be the basis for curating the said posts?

How do we know if the distribution gets to the hands of those who has the interest of the platform at heart?

Do curators have to drop the best finds before upvoting them?

Or dropping those links is done so that large stakeholders can support them?

What happens to a post that members of the community disapproves?

Can more than one curators curate the same posts?

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I will think these over and I'll get back to you! I'm in the process of developing some curation metrics which will answer some of these questions too.

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Take your time, sir

I'll be waiting

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Looks like an interesting project.
I hope you can do this trial run and I hope it succeeds.
Anything related to improving curation and distribution in the community is good in my books

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This is a huge step in the right direction to keep POB flowing without going in for full automation. I like the idea of having a core group of curators that proofofbrainio follows. This gives other accounts the opportunity to do the same and help ensure quality original content is getting rewarded effectively. Will it be acceptable for other whale accounts to use a similar system and base it around the POBleus discord and rules? I think that would set a great precedent for the platform.

Having a discord focused around POB curation is a fantastic idea as well for transparency and for curators and the community to have discussions around these important topics.

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Will it be acceptable for other whale accounts to use a similar system and base it around the POBleus discord and rules?

Of course, that is always the main goal from any projects/systems I've worked on. Create systems that can be widely adopted so they can add greater value overall.

Small steps for now, but the feedback and response so far is encouraging. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts @dibblers.dabs.

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Of course! Thanks for the proposal and always trying to improve engagement and the community! !PIZZA



@calumam! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dibblers.dabs.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (4/20)



@calumam! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @dibblers.dabs.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (1/20)

It's actually a pretty good idea.

I love the fact that it will bring further community efforts and that's the value I see this place generating.

I've only been here for a while, but if I can get a shot at this, I'd give my best to it.

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Man, it's great to see someone putting the "proof of brain" to the test, and coming up with a great idea like this! I think the project is extremely valid and I am completely in of it!
Also, I reinforce again: I have great interest in being a POB curator, I have experience in reading and writing content (mainly in areas such as art, culture, music, cinema, psychology, philosophy, etc) since before the fork that generated the hive, and it would be a pleasure to make this a more dedicated and profound work. But I re-affirm, regardless of whether or not I become a healer with a consistent delegation, my particular work of healing with my "1 pob" per vote keep going, I continue daily distributing it how i can! Success for this new phase of POB that is starting, we are together!

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Any system that encourages more people to continue writing, and to continue writing with a focus on quality, is worth a trial run in my books. If more authors and creators get a chance for recognition then I am all for it. Do you envisage that those with high voting power would still be able to vote independently of the curation scheme proposed if they wanted to do so? Just thinking that they are still individuals in their own right and even if the role of curating for the community has become too big to manage alone, they will have times when they too want to surf around the Hive and its' various communities and curate articles that they like regardless of whether or not one of the "curation team" have curated it and shortlisted in dischord for mention.

Any system that encourages more people to continue writing, and to continue writing with a focus on quality, is worth a trial run in my books.

I'm with you there. This is one of the main reasons why the Word of the Week is still running.

Do you envisage that those with high voting power would still be able to vote independently of the curation scheme proposed if they wanted to do so?

Of course. Larger stakeholders can follow curators if they like with an adjusted vote weight percentage (ie. if they followed behind at 50%, whenever the curator voted 100% on a post, they'd follow with a 50% vote, 90% -> 45%, 80% -> 40%, etc).

Flexibility and freedom to join or leave curation trails is a big benefit because there isn't a waiting period like delegations do (one week to return delegation after undelegating), and rewards are also not affected.

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I do think it sounds very well thought out and I hope everyone supports the idea. It also improves on diversification of reading habits too :-) I'm away this weekend but will definitely join WOTW from next week. I enjoy writing prompts. They push us to explore and write more creatively.

I had missed this great announcement, it is something that since the beginning of the problems I had particularly proposed to myself and I think it is great that its execution is underway, hoping that it is well managed that it can pass the litmus test. It is definitely necessary to act as is, so that the authors feel motivated to follow the path within the platform. It would also be nice if you looked at the community, on the main page a post with some suggestions for specific topics for posts within the community. even if we are in a brain test, it would be good to guide users to make correct use of the community and do not feel that they are wasting time placing posts that are not liked by the public within @proofofbrain. or if they still remain with the motto that you only need a brain, then they must reaffirm what has been established.

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it would be good to guide users to make correct use of the community and do not feel that they are wasting time placing posts that are not liked by the public

In my opinion, this is like the "test" of Proof Of Brain. What can you bring to the table? Show us. There are opportunities out there to help newcomers get familiar with the platform and we have a great crowd who are willing to answer any questions.

If we hand hold people, they'll never think for themselves and figure out the true essence and benefits that the Proof Of Brain platform can bring.

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I understand that this point of view is correct, being dependent can be a key point. in the same way I will be attentive to what happens regarding this next great event. I would be encouraged to apply my name to be an active part of the project, but this is not the right time for me.

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Yeah, that's a great idea, I've writing almost the same idea as your idea here. And as we've seen @proofofbrainio account isn't very active for now, maybe he's on vacation. So with the that idea, will make @proofofbrainio account keep grow even though he's not very active on the platform.

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I was likely inspired by your post and a range of others that I've digested over the past few weeks, so thank you for that. The main goal in the short-term is to spread out those big votes and give the reward distribution a much needed boost for morale.

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What an excellent and functional idea! Hope the implementation works. I will wait for the next good news about it.

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I feel the implementation will work. Manually curating, I feel, is a tricky business and necessitates a team if we want to keep things improving. I'm just scratching the surface between curating and checking for fraud. I feel like I'm not even making a dent sometimes.

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It is worth a shot. You never know the issues with something until it is operational... it sounds good on paper.

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.it sounds good on paper.

First step, successful? lol.

I'll be approaching this with a similar mindset to WOTW, slow and steady, fundamentals first, experiment and adapt. The aim is to find a process where integrity and responsibility are looked for and rewarded.

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This is gonna rock. Its a great idea that doesn’t only target wider token distribution but also encourages the use of idle voting manna and stake of the community’s account.

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Nice idea, I like it, I would like to be one of the curators if this happens(of course I understand that there will be a selection process), but even if I'm not selected, i still believe it's a good idea!! I hope that this idea can come to life...

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I'm going to give the selection process some thought today, I think it has to be up for a community vote, but at the same time I don't feel like the whole community fully understands what is involved in terms of responsible curation. Obviously it's a learning process, experimenting and providing opportunity is the key, it's not like a few careless votes here and there are going to set fire to the whole platform.

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There's no problems
Only Solutions

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There is a new initiative starting tomorrow which is being run by @jaxsonmurph called #faotd (favourite article of the day). This is for readers/curators on POB to share links to their favourite article of the day each day in an effort to promote the works of others and promote engagement and upvotes to those articles deserving of notice. There are daily POB delegations on offer as prizes. This may be a useful additional source of potential worthy articles for Pobleus curators to consider reviewing. Just a thought.

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Thanks for the mention Sam, I am happy to announce the favourite article of the day contest goes live tomorrow, thanks for the support

you need to manually vote to show you're using your brain

Very good I like your idea

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Solutions are ways to solve problems. We need not to focus on problems but on applying solutions that e eradicate the problems.

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The best solusion

POBleus should also reblog curated content! It would create an on-chain list of wonderful posts anyone can easily find. Getting on that list becomes a priority for high-quality authors, as anyone following @POBleus or browsing its blog doesn't require Discord.

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You know i am big on trying new things. I believe that is the best way to move forward. Hopefully, this pans out well. I will be spending more time around the community this week and helping out in my own little way

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