How many accounts are you upvoting ?

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Today I'm a great mood. After joining proof of brain tribe I created so much serious content. Sometimes we have to take a break and try some Proof of Humor ! That means we have to prove that we understand what's funny and have a sense of humor. Without it we may lose our minds.

Let's have some fun and share in the comments how many accounts you upvoted during one week !

You can check that here : , instead of my username, write yours !

You may consider this as a contest. But I may don't have much rewards for this. That's why I will just upvote the best commenter who is writing quality content in hive or tribes. My upvote is not that big, it's $0.5 in hive and about 0.8 POB.

I know that I'm not a whale, but being little minnow is also giving me the right to have some fun. ☺

That's why maybe I want to create movies. You can check the idea about the movie I want to create : Let's create a hive movie !.

Or watch the video to understand what I want to do :

The first movie will be a documentary movie about hive and tribes. After that we may create a comedy movie as well. Why not !

In fact we may create realizty shows and a lot of great programs. I'm just starting this and I'm not willing to give up on the idea.

Sorry for writing about something else, I just want to promote that to have more people to help me in the project !

So, here we go !

How many accounts are you upvoting ?

Write only a number in the comments. Let's make the great tool of @fernandosoder even more famous. Or vote for him as witness please. The tool is really great and shows so many information about each hive account. Here is the link to vote for his witness or find him here and vote :

Those developers should be supported because they create really useful tools for us. Those tools should be always monitored and bugs should be fixed and a lot of other work they do. Let's appriciate this !

Returning my contest, I wast want to see some activity here. Usually when I ask questions, so many people reply. Even most of my recent posts are very active in terms of comments and that make me really happy ! ☺

By the way I upvoted 143 accounts this week. Do you think that's a lot ? Should I upvote more ? Do I have time to do that ? Isn't 143 accounts a lot ? Am I losing my mind ? lol Or maybe after consuming so much content I decided to just make my brain relax.

I wasn't a smoker, but I wish I would. But, no I stoped smoking at all and my wife helped me to do that. Do you know how ? lol I just asked from her to tell me very bad words when she smells the smoke. She if also interesting and she started even to tell me worse words. The more she was telling me the less I smoked. In the end I stoped smoking and I'm happy about that. ☺

By the way, do you know that we have a lol community in this blockchain somewhere there ? ! I mean I don't know if they have a hive community in hive where you can subscribe and write posts and I think they don't have a token, but if they have, I should earn some ! Do you think I should ? ! lol

Maybe to earn that token all I have to do is to write lol and use the tag lol , I don't even know if that's lol or lols. Anyway I will use them both, so I will not miss to be rich. ☺

I'm sorry if you expected from me a very serious post. Sometimes people may go crazy. Even those who looks always serious they smile sometimes. Do you know about that ? They even can laugh out loud, I'm sure about that. And if someone will never laugh he maybe not ok and need some motivation to laugh at least once a week or a month. :) Maybe if someone will create a token that's called proof of humor, maybe that will be a motivation for more people to smile and laugh. ☺

By the way in Russia, they say that laughing extend lives !

I will choose those who are upvoting more accounts during the week to choose their content to upvote. Even if you are not doing that for upvote, let's do that for fun.

You're welcome to join @dcooperation, we are willing to collaborate with lol community as well. ☺

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How about I shadow vote the winner unless it's me? The number of accounts I upvote is zero. I don't make decisions based on who the author is. If I do that, why would I read anything? If I don't read anything, why do we need to pay curators? Okay, so let's stop thinking about this.

I agree always upvoting the same authors is a sign of lazy curation. Read the same author because you know they write good stuff. Sometimes I use I know people here may find it visually unappealing but it does tell me who voted on what when I follow them. If there are many, it tells me how many.

I vote based on content. Not the title, and not the author. I may decide against voting if the author self votes but that's part of the author's work. I don't marry my ego to my content. Don't feel like I up-voted you if I upvote this content. Don't feel like I didn't upvote you should I not vote this content.

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For sure. If it's an original content, we are always free to upvote it or not. But still it's a community and people usually worry aboout the fair distribution. That's why I check sometimes myself. Especially if I'm willing to build a community. I already had a very active community called @dcooperation where we had a lot of active people creating content and it was destroyed just because of complaints of people who follow what I upvoted and what not. They did a lot to destroy the community and I stoped working on it for a year. Now, I'm starting everything from 0. We even had a youtube channel where you can watch our video : DCooperation youtube channel. And a lot of work was done and even money invested. But in the end it went to dust, and even remembering is hard.

So, based on my experience and knowing that some toxic people may destroy it again, I will do my best to make it work better and to not give the chance to those people to be able to destroy it. I will not as well upvote myself from that account anymore. I was so busy and I didn't remove myself from autouupvote, but I did today. You kind of remind me about that. I don't even know how.

That account is now autoupvoting more than 340 hivers, those who were active in the community and I included thee those who are creating good content and those who were promoting hive when I added them. Of course I want to move that account to complete manual curation, but I need people who will help me in that curation. Now, we have 10 people joined us and discussing how we should start again. It's a bit hard to start everything from scratch, but trying is always good.

For example you may watch this video trailer where we rewarded those who created trailes with 180 steem when it cost about $2 or something like that. The money was gathered by the members of the community including me. All from our own pockets :

And there are others trails as well on the channel. Other big collaborations where I worked a few days on each video to create. Some of them were deleted because I'm wasn't that happy seeing everything destroyed. I heard stories about many little good communities that were destroyed as well. Maybe just like ours nobody heard about us because we weren't tradingm, but I'm sure all those communnities deverved the attention but didn't get it. I'm sure about the intention of those who worked on them. They didn't know that everything will collapse. I really understand them all.

In this post I was just having fun. I've seen enough disappointment and sometimes we should take a break to not lose our minds. Especially when we work really hard ! Not only here, online, but in real life as well. I live in Russia by the way. Thanks a lot for supporting so much content I created ! I never had the chance to thank you ! I wish you all the best ! I'm really thankful to those who are supporting me to keep me in good mood. Even knowing that I do my best to write quality posts, to curate and knwoing that they will earn the curation part. I'm thankful to them anyway. That means really a lot for me. I gope I will be able to build a great community again !

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Wow. That's a full post where a comment should be. 😁You can see how I vote and then decide whether you want to add me to for your account. It's like delegated proof of brain. I don't know if I need to do something special for you to be able to add me.

I have no requirement to add people there. I'm just adding valuable hivers to the list, so they will be all aware of the existence of @dcooperation. I will add you as well. I'm sure that the content you create is always useful to the community because I like what developers usually post. No water, only what matters.

About the shadow vote, I didn't understand and I thouth shadow voting is like shadow banning someone. I thought people win be ignored if they will the contents. I'm still not sure about that, but I hope I understood well now. lol

I'm not a native speaker after all and I may don't understand some English.

I think we have already a winner and it's @fullcoverbetting. He's really active in proof of brain, commenting a lot of people and upvoting them as well. I'll be happy to see him supported. He upvoted about 126 accounts during a week.

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If you are auto-voting that way, then no human being makes a decision about whether the new content created by these authors are any good at the time. The idea of shadow voting I can decide to subscribe not to vote on the content you create but to vote on the content you vote for. That way there is still a "brain"in the process of deciding what to vote for. Should anyone post badly they wont be voted by a good curator.

This is a way of farming out voting decisions to more people. So not only can use up all of our voting power to the max but you also reward a wider set of authors.

The only way to keep complete control is not to use any auto-voting at all. That's what I am doing.

I undertand, I just don't have time to curate from the account of the community. When I created it, I thought that the community will grow to something big. But, it turned what it turned. That's why I started to support those who are doing good for the community. Most of people are doing the same. I'm still growing in hive at the same time. I wished I could create a new account for POB, but I can't I really don't have time for both. That's why I autouupvote from @dcooperation and do manual upvotes by @clixmoney. The account of the community is not that big and it's hard to build a community in hive when there is no power, no token and no applications. @dcooperation is just a community of people willing to collaborate. Nothing more. We have only 3000 hive power, our upvote is so tiny and I don't think it will grow that fast, unless we have delegations, or many people will join us. I really don't have time to curate manually there. I need people to help me with that. I even created a channel for people to suggest posts. But for now we have only 7 people in the group. Before we had more than 200, but the community was attacked and destroyed. I'm trying to build it again. I don't think that the autoupvote is what killing it. Maybe I'm just not building the community the right way, or I don't know how to do that. I don't really know.

You worked hard on this post @clixmoney and I hope you get some humerus interaction.


#lol #haha #funny

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Of course, it's all about humor. ☺

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Thanks a lot for the mention. 👍

Youre' welcome. I hope you'll got some witness vote. I voted with mine and some are following my proxy including the account of the community @dcooperation !

Guess the site isn't compatible with IOS because it isn't showing the voting wheel!
But I do guess enough for a small account as mine, because I only have 56% Voting Power left;

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It's seen not on the weel, but directly on stats. Right here :


It's called : Voting CSI !

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Stats are also empty here!
Tried it with several laptops.

Ok, let me do it for you :


And here is the wheel :


After all, @leprechaun is right. (check his comment above) It's not that important how many people we upvote. The most important is the content we upvote. We may upvote 1000 non quality authors, while we may upvote 10 quality authors and that will be even better. That's my opinion if we talk about creating only a quality content on the platform. And maybe not my opinion if we talk about what the community wants and the fair distribution.

You can check that here : , instead of my username, write yours !

Excuse me, sir. I went through the link but there were so many things to click. I don't how to maneuver to where I could find how many accounts I have upvoted. Can you help out, please?

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Yeah, for sure. Here is what I have when I choose your account :



So, you upvoted 76 acconts this week and that's great.

So, you upvoted 76 acconts this week and that's great.

Oh wow. Thank you for the help, sir

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Ahh mentioning comedy videos, Lenny isn't the best to do that... But I can be serious...always 👀

Sometimes we have just to relax. ☺