Staking 1200 POB - 67 in the Richlist !

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I staked 1200 POB and I get a delegation of 150. Now I have 1350 POB power being 67 in the richlist here POB richlist

Proof of brain is an awesome concept. I wished it's completely applied in one platform someday. I don't even know if that possible or not. The stake is always winning !

So, I joined proof of brain tribe more than 3 months ago. I created a lot of content on it and I was supported very well. I even was the top author for about 2 months. Some drama happened, I said my opinion about things and I lost that privilege. I was a kind of forgoten. So, in this post I will share the great content I created before and I think it's a great way to expose myself to POB community again !


The first post was about the concept itself. I explained in this post : Proof of Brain is the best consept for a crypto community !, why I like the concept so much. The post was even ranked in google images, and when someone looks for proofofbrain, you may find the picture there linked to my post. That's how visited my post was and that's the value I bring to the website. Because I know things about marketing and I apply them always in my posts when I write on any platform, so that will be promoted for sure !


The second post is this one : How to prove you have a brain ?. It's a little poem I wrote about having the brain.


Then I wrote about how to Protect your brain from those !. Those who want to use you, those who want to manipulate you, those who think they are smarter than you.


Then I learned about the community and about what's rewarded the most and here maybe I started to be honest and that what made me start losing my position. But I prefered always to say the truth about everything and I prefer to be honest. I just was wandering is the supported concept is only proof of brain and that's why I wrote this : Is the proof is realy brain ?.


Oh, this is a nice one. I even promoted proofofbrain in a video I created in 3speak. Prove you have a brain and earn tokens !. I'm sure my promotion helped some people join. Because I'm well known on the blockchain and I have 6000 followers, I celebrated that today by the way. ☺


I even started my collection of proofs on the blockchain and I wrote this : How many proofs are there on the blockchain ?. I keep looking for more proofs to write about because I think this blockchain have really a lot of proofs to support and to learn about.


Of course I was in love of the tribe and I started wandering about powering up the token. So I asked the community this : Give me a reason to power up POB ! and I get many resons to power up and I started doing so !


So, I wrote this post This is why to power up POB ! to explain to others why to power up and to motivate everybody. I hope that did have impacted someone to power up and grow his/her account in the tribe !


I even celebrated my 4 years on the blockchain in POB community in this post : Celebrating 4 years on the blockchain !. That's for sure motivating and I'm glad I still active here !

I kept growing my account so fast and I even did the maximum to grow fast, I even earned 500 POB in 17 days ! - My downvote is on ! and started to fight plagiarism. I gave tips based on my experience about How to fight plagiarism together ! and started reposrting it on discord server. Maybe so many spammers are happy now because I'm not active. But I'll try to take a rest and keep fighting them again. After all not all people liked what I did and some of them even told me that I'm policing content. But, I don't care, plagiarism should be fighted and I'll fight it when I'll find it !


I even was positive about the trending page and I wrote this : Why POB trending page is Positive !.


I even asked developers to take care about tags in pob and in hive in general. I noticed that the number of tags aren't working. You may check that in this post : Let's take care of tags in POB !. Maybe developers don't see that important, but I don't think that will be ever fixed unless other people ask about that. Maybe a hardfork needed for that, I don't know !


I also proposed to not autoupvote in POB here : We should stop autoupvoting in POB !. For me it's not a proof of brain. But that's still welcome on the tribe and I can't do anything about it. I just like to support manual curation and again I'm not trying to police anyone. You are all free to do what you want. I just say my opinion and it's up to you to listen to me or not. Give your arguments. Without that we can't have a discussion and we can't share ideas if we get always blamed of that.


I even created a collaboration between @dcooperation community I'm building and POB. Just by asking a question here : The first POB collaboration with DCooperation !. I even had a winner and I rewarded him.


Recently I noticed some rules wanted to be created by a proposal in proof of brain and I wrote this : Proof of Brain proposal with Proof of Stake vote !. Because I don't think that the proof of stake concept should affect proof of brain proposal, especially when so many write interesting things about proof of stake.


I also gave valid reasons here to support my post about autoupvoting : Reasons to curate manually !. And I think that's useful one. Check it if you want !

That's it about this post. I'll keep powering up my POB and hive to grow in hive and tribes. Even this post is written on proofofbrain knowing that 10% of the rewards go to the project.

I think it's a great example of someone setting a rule and getting to it, no matter what. I'll write other reports and may change my mood when I'll reach 2000 POB power.

Thanks a lot for those who kept supporting me what ever happened and now matter of my opinion about everything !

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Wow! Just wow!! What more can i say but congratulations! Long but successful journey you had so far and it's really interesting and inspiring. Kudos man🤢👍

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Thanks a lot. ☺


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That's a lot of pictures in one post @clixmoney,

I like the one about 4 years on Hive

Reading the richlist just makes me want to stack more POB.

Someone with the username @junkfeathers is right ahead of me, but I don't think I can catch up.

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Thank a lot. Yeah, that's a lot of work. Maybe that break was good for me and I have now more energy to continue. ☺

POB is awesome. I need way more POB … 🧠 🚀 🌙 … all the biggest and brightest brains are here on POB….

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For sure. The biggest brains are all here. ☺

For sure. Being friendly in a social media is one of the most important things.

Congratulations!) You have done a tremendous job. I wish you even more active growth and achievement of the desired goals)

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Thanks a lot. I did my best.

Thanks a lot ! ☺

Wo0t wo0t I've scraped in at 49 took abit up from 160s.

PoB for the win!

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That's great. I'll try to follow you. ☺

wow... you have really tried. gradually you will get to the top 50 richlist just be decisive on how you intend to join the list by doing a real time strategy on how t achieve this.

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Thanks a lot. I'll do my best. ☺

Congrats! Next stop 3K!!!

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Next is 2k and then I'll see. ☺

A true definition of a leader, making the community a dream point, surely your footsteps are been followed. Congratulations

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Thanks a lot. Glad you see the leader in me. ☺

How do you see the top 100 list and where? Thanks. !PIZZA

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@clixmoney! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @mightyrocklee.

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Or you can check here in ''Tribe Richlist'' and write POB in token, then RUN.

congrats on your new milestone. I believe more good things are coming your way via the pob community. keep doing what you know how to do best

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Thanks a lot. I also feel that the future is bright for all of us here who are building their accounts. After all the real world is going crazy and the blockchain maybe a life saving for all humanity !

I have 114.816 POB staked. Always something :)

That's great. Keep staking.

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Keep up the great work! !PIZZA

POB is (90.83%) staked today!!

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@clixmoney! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @hivecoffee.

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Thanks a lot. ☺

congrats for being on 67 in the Richlist hope your rank increase in future

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Thanks a lot. I'll do my best. ☺

go ahead, bro!

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It is an excellent exhibition friend you really deserve many successes in your new bet

Thanks a lot. ☺