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RE: Population reduction in action

in Proof of Brain4 months ago

If the dying continues at this rate, our village of 300 will be reduced to 200 in just ten years and if this statistic could be applied to the entire world I think those running this scam would be relatively satisfied with their achievement because it aligns perfectly with the population reduction agenda.

i am fairly certain that the rate will actually increase and it won't take 10 years.


Hey brother! Yes, you are most likely right about that. The cascade will grow stronger and stronger as immune systems grow weaker and weaker. Especially if people keep on taking the boosters.

How's life in Mexico?

i am back in the states right now. i sold my place and now am looking around for a base in a more rural and warmer area with good water.

The Mexico project is still underway but now more of a homestead than a community. Seems like a better approach to just be in an area with a lot of other like hearted people and have that be the "community" rather than try to create one with rules, etc.

Haha, we'll see where this goes.

Thanks for the update. This exact subject has been a hot topic of discussion in this family for a year now. Is it better to try and build a community in an area where awake people are few and far between, or do we aim to find the people who are doing it already and join them?

Am happy for you that you have found the like hearted people. Can only imagine how good that must feel. Brings a whole new definition to the word 'family' I imagine.