Proofofbrain Photocontest: sun

in Proof of Brain4 months ago

There is a photo contest by @friendlymoose called POBphotocontest.

Every week on Sunday a new round starts and the motto is announced.

To participate, you have to publish a post according to the theme, then leave a comment and a link in the contestpost and use the tag #pobphotocontest.
There are POB tokens to be won, which will be distributed as rewards for the published post.
Also @good-karma has donated Ecency points for the winners.
So it's worth joining in there.

This week's theme is Sun and here is my contribution.

It is the sun of Oman. Although the sun is very bright there, there was some sans dust in the air this morning, and it dimmed the sun a bit.



It was a great photo of a sun with a clouds.

Very nice with the silhouettes of the palm trees!
Thanks for joining the #POBPHOTOCONTEST