Proofofbrain Photocontest: wide

in Proof of Brain5 months ago

There is a photo contest by @friendlymoose called POBphotocontest.

Every week on Sunday a new round starts and the motto is announced.

To participate, you have to publish a post according to the theme, then leave a comment and a link in the contestpost and use the tag #pobphotocontest.
There are POB tokens to be won, which will be distributed as rewards for the published post.
Also @good-karma has donated Ecency points for the winners.
So it's worth joining in there.

This week's theme is "wide" and here is my contribution.

This is a picture of the 90-mile beach at the northernmost end of New Zealand's North Island.
I guess it's called that because it's 90 miles long. And indeed, it felt like there was no end here.





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