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this is the skull of a sea turtle that i found washed up on the beach in maharashtra, india. occasionally sea animals including turtles will die at sea and can be found in the more secluded parts of the beach. the photo is edited to give it a more scary effect.

here is the condition of the turtle when i found it


I've never seen a skull of a turtle before. It always looks a bit sad to see dead animals. Let's hope it died of it's old age.
Your edit is quite spooky indeed.

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it is sad to see the decaying animals but at least it is a confirmation that the species live in the sea. i have saved a turtle shell i found some years back. it was in good condition but a terrible job to clean it.
happy and spooky halloween

Your spookified turtle skull was awesome albeit sad to see a dead sea turtle washed up on the shore. Hope it had a good life!

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it's a little sad but i t is also proof that the turtles live in the sea around us. the shell of the turtle in the photo was in bad shape but i found one less decayed a few years back and cleaned the shell. it was a terrible job but i still have that shell in good condition