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RE: Of Captains and Masters - perspectives in dystopia

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This story grabs me on a personal level. When many people have sorrow at the same time, those who did not have sorrow also have sorrow.

No matter which spirit child you count yourself as, we humans are indeed compassionate beings, but we confuse sorrow with compassion.

I think suffering consists of not agreeing with ageing, illness and death. Taking it as a strange insult to life that one actually has to deal with pain and discomfort.
I have come to believe at this time, far more than before, that the greatest suffering is self-made, and neither comes from small or large events or beings on this planet. The earth is not our enemy, it is of course bigger, more incomprehensible and perhaps therefore frightening, as we find it difficult to understand ourselves on it in our physical fleshly form. Similarly, our own bodily cells are unable to "understand" us as a whole human being and yet are intimately connected with us. The constant mistrust that makes our lives difficult has not lessened as a result of recent events. A conflict of lofty proportions. But in every conflict, they say, lies an opportunity, and perhaps that was necessary.

For my part, I have realised once again that I do not want to be hard-headed, as it prevents me from granting my fellow human beings the freedom I claim for myself.
Nevertheless, a clarity is required, an impartiality in a life situation that makes spontaneity difficult and overshadows a walk in public with uncertainties. What I do not tolerate is being approached on this subject in public spaces by complete strangers to me. I am sick of it. I'm probably not alone in this either, because I notice that many are tired of it and don't even want to speak out and address it anymore. I welcome that.

The time for healing can come when it no longer takes on any special significance from the focal point of everyday life. It is not okay for prisoners to blame other fellow prisoners for their situation.

In writing, like you, I find a way of working through. My fingers want to make their journal on all the topics of life.

I have trust that this dystopia will not happen. We humans are smart in addition to our truly remarkable stupidity.


I !LUV that you tell it how it is, no pulled punches but everything delivered with compassion and depth of thought and perception. I'm really glad that I 'ran' into you on this blockchain😊I personally don't think this exact dystopia will happen either, but even if we don't end up with an underground movement of unvaccinated citizens, trying to evade an intolerant government, perhaps the glimpse of how our behaviour towards each other could deteriorate even further and destroy countless relationships, still holds true. I do choose to believe in the overall compassion of human beings and that our light will shine through in the end. !PIZZA for an amazing comment😍🙏