When HBD is higher then a $ , always use a market

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Ok so everyone on may already know but it wasn’t something that I instinctively understood so am going to post it and hopefully if it helps one person then its worth it.

Ok so we often get payouts in HP amd HBD and assuming you want to use HIVE you are going to want to convert the HBD to HIVE.


Now I'm using the peakd.com interface for this. The first option is click the convert button and your HBD converts over a day or so to HIVE. Unfortunately it does this by assuming that HBD is $1 and then compare to the HIVE market price. Lets assume for this example HIVE is $0.5 , you will get 2 HIVE for taking HBD.

How lets assume HBD is currently $1.5 USD, we would have essentially paid $0.75 a HIVE, 50% over the market price!


So what if instead we hit the market button? If we go to buy HIVE section we can buy HIVE if HBD at market rates. If you want to do it quickly and sell all HBD hit the red avaiable and red lowest ask and BUY HIVE and bam, you have done your first market transactions! In the above example HBD is now worth $1.5 , HIVE $0.5 and we have now got 3 HIVE not 2!

Now the reverse is also true, if HBD drops below $1 use convert to get a better then market rate.

Special thanks to the @theterminal for walking be thru this.

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Great for next hive pud and great that you found out that this is so easy

All thanks to the Terminal!

Tnose terminalers they make the difference hahahahah

Thanks for helping to spread the word on this important point! It can benefit so many people! 🙌

Thanks for sharing the info in the first place!

This will enable us to be able to convert HBD to HIVE at the right price...thanks for sharing this awesome info...@failingforwards

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Happy to be of help

I feel silly now.

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This is very useful. Thank you. 😊

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I'm so glad! I was hoping it could help one person!