[ENG|ESP] The flip flop monument | Monumento a la chancleta

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If I didn't play Proof Of Brain (POB) I wouldn't have found out about the flip flop monument.

Do you know where it is?

I don't know if it happen all over the world, but I know that at least in the Hispanic countries of America it is used to correct spoiled children.

When you have time, come play POB at https://fulltimegeek.com/game/ and surprise yourself with the images that appear as puzzles.

Sometimes I don't see the way to put them together, but with some patience I find out how to do it.

See you there!

Si no jugara Proof Of Brain (POB) no me hubiera enterado del monumento a la chancleta.

¿Sabes donde esta?

No se si sucede en todo el mundo, pero al menos se que en los países hispanos de America se usa para corregir a los niños malcriados.

Cuando tengas tiempo, vente a jugar POB a https://fulltimegeek.com/game/ y sorprenderte con las imágenes que aparecen como rompecabezas.

A veces no veo la manera de armarlos, pero con algo de paciencia encuentro como hacerlo.

Te esperamos!

Searching for where that monument is at, I found a second flip flop with a different color in Hollywood, Florida.

Buscando donde esta ese monumento, encontré otra chancleta de diferente color en Hollywood, Florida.


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The flip-flop seems very big in this picture.

Yes @chesatochi searching for that monument I found this blue in Hollywood, Florida