POB Explainer Video: Just Relax

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Here is my entry to the contest announced at https://peakd.com/hive-150329/@proofofbrainio/pob-needs-explainer-videos-10-000-pob-up-for-grabs

POB Explainer Video: Just Relax

I was not going to participate in this contest. But like in all others, I am here to get what others could win for doing something worst than me. In other words, my entry elevates the quality of this contest.

With that philosophy in mind, I am still competing in martial arts tournaments. And for the same relaxed reason is that I prefer and recommend the Proof of Brain Community, where the only rule is to "have a brain".

So for a few minutes, just relax and listen to understand what is and how to use the POB community and token.


Since you only need to have a brain to be a member of this community, you are welcome to post anything you like. Anyhow, your brain will determine what is good to post, because you are responsible of what you are posting with your member name.

That is why there are no muted posts there.

Total freedom of expression is given in this community, the same as if you were posting on your own blog. But with the benefit of getting additional POB tokens for each post on the community website, or when posting with the POB tag.


The POB token we receive can be saved (separate from the running balance) in its own staked account. The staked POB tokens determine the value of your votes when voting for POB publications.


A publication with fewer votes can receive more rewards, because there are voters with more staked tokens who therefore have more voting power.

Likewise, if you vote with more staked tokens, you receive more voting rewards. BTW, voting rewards are called curation rewards.


We can only stake what we have in the Balance. To increase our balance we can swap to convert other tokens to the token we need to increase.

To swap tokens, the only way I know is going to HIVE.IO to scroll down and find the HIVE ENGINE link.

On the HIVE ENGINE page there is a [Swap] button to open a window to choose the token and the amount to be converted.

21M total supply

On the description of the POB token we can see that there are 4.3 million tokens in circulation. From a maximum of 21 million tokens.

Halving schedule

And on the POB white paper we can read...

POB is a pure 100% Proof of Brain (PoB) token meaning that the only way the token enters circulation is through PoB rewards that are earned by posting and by curating content with POB staked. 1 token has been issued to @proofofbrainio to enable staking. There will be no more POB tokens issued except through PoB rewards. Like Bitcoin, rewards are reduced by 50% every 4 years.

That reduction by 50% every 4 years is the halving schedule.


In conclusion, now you know that you can make your publications (with no restrictions) on the POB community at proofofbrain.io and gain POB tokens.

I also explained to you how to accumulate more voting power to receive higher curation rewards using POB tokens.

Now we can continue playing the POB game at fulltimegeek.com/game

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