It is evident examining covid batch numbers and their associated deaths that some of the batches were placebo. So I would say that anyone who feels as if the vaccine is super effective likely just received the placebo!

And those who didn't will never admit that since taking it they have not felt the same. Certainly not to one of us anyway!

Well done for avoiding it altogether.

I try to make more wise decisions..

Try.... Lol

They were offering a joint for getting the jab. Eh. They can't do better?

The Portland Oregon Communist Chinese people's liberation army ngo was offering $150, plus a $50 per head bounty. I bet you anything those didn't have a covid vaccine... Maybe some RFID chips?

Same group is running hard drugs and cleaning up. Nearly got hired by them. Think everyone is dealing with Federal charges these days.

Another good call for me to avoid that group.