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RE: Purge Yourself, II.

in Proof of Brain2 months ago

I went speechless after reading this, you gave a perfect biblical illustration that interprets the power behind making choices.

Thought that are backed by actions are the only things that bring results, a dream will remain a dream as long nothing is done to bring it to reality.

Our relationship with God must be secured, we must walk in his path and depend on him for directions in life. I am not a saint, I do get carried away with things that make me forget my relationship with God but the good thing is that he never ceases to embrace me every time I run to him.

It shouldn't be like that anymore, it is best we never leave his side because life is nothing without him.


It's always good to be on God's side. Yes, sometimes we get carried away and He is always available and waiting for us to come back to Him. He is the perfect definition of Love because love overlooks and focuses on now. God is awesome.