Comment Tokens in a Nutshell


In the beginning

As I mentioned in my previous post, when I started engaging with the hive community it took me some time to understand how the token commands in comments work.

So I set myself the goal of summing up six different tokens in one post. In the process I hope I get a deeper understanding of these tokens.

As a bonus some newbie after me has a list with the most important information on these tokens and a way to further research them.

So let's have a look at what I found out...


More than just feedback

You can reward the author of a post you enjoyed with different tokens. To do so you need to write a comment in which you put a command for a bot.

Every token has its own origin story, use case and certain conditions you have to meet before you can use the respective bot command.

With this post I will give you an overview of those tokens I came across so far. They all have in common that the funds you send away do not come out of your wallet. They may however require you to have a certain amount of the token either in your wallet or even staked.



The LUV-Token was created by @crrdlx and is intended to give some love.

Some post really touched you? Another comment moved you? Give some love. The possible commands are:

  • !LUV
  • !luv
  • !Luv
  • !love

You need to have at least 10 LUV-Tokens in your wallet to be able to spread some love once a day. The more LUV you have, the more often you can call the bot per day. The amount is subject to change but can always be viewed on the about page of the LUV-Token.



As far as I could find out the BEER-Token was created by @detlev (if I'm wrong please post in the comments). If there is something to celebrate, someone posted good news or just had a nice productive day, hand them a beer. The Command is simply

  • !BEER

You need to have a case in the fridge yourself, i.e. at least 24 beer in your account and they need to be staked. That entitles you to hand out one beer per day. If you have more beer staked, you can call the bot more often, once per 24 beer that you have staked. So if you have 50 beer staked you can call the bot twice per day and so on.

If you want to keep up to date with beer, I suggest you follow @beerlover and to learn more about the token you can visit the announcement page.



The PIZZA-Token was created by the PIZZA-Guild and should be given to everyone who might need, want or deserve a slice. You need to have at least 20 PIZZA-Tokens and they need to be staked. This allows you to call the bot up to five times per day with the command

  • !PIZZA

If you want to learn what else is going on with PIZZA, I suggest you follow the @pizzabot itself or visit the page of the PIZZA-Guild.




So far I was not able to find out who actually created the LOLZ-Token (feel free to enlighten me in the comments). There is a huge community around it and its primary purpose is to have fun. So whenever someone posts something funny, show them that they made you laugh be sending them one of the two commands

  • !LOL
  • !LOLZ

and the @lolztoken bot will not only send them a token but also share a joke in the comments.

The fun starts with 16 LOLZ in your own wallet, there is no staking required. The more you hold the more often you can call the bot command, for a more detailed explanation check out their site




The PGM-Token was created by @zottone444 as the Player Gamer Project and is intended to reward posts in the gaming community. Someone wrote about a new strategy? An exciting ingame moment was presented to you? If you have at least 10 PGM and staked them, then you may call

  • !PGM

once per day and the author is rewarded with tokens. If you have more PGM staked you can call the bot more often.

The PGM token has many staking levels, for more details you can have a look at this post and to keep up to date I suggest you follow @zottone444.




The HBIT-Token is another project by @crrdlx and is an homage to bitcoin. Without any prerequisite anyone can call any of the commands

  • !HBIT
  • !hbit
  • $HBIT
  • !hivebits

once per day. By this proof of comment you just mined 1 HBIT token which is split into 0.1 for the person you commented on and 0.9 for your own wallet.

If you want to keep up to date, you should follow the @hivebits account and the current information can be found on the about page.

Be mindful

With all those tokens around (yes, there are more) people started just posting comments and listing all those bot commands after another. But that is not what they were intended for. Every one of these tokens has a usage and we should all stick to it.

Most bots do not get triggered anymore if there is more than one command given in a single comment so be mindful of what command should be used in what comment.


The End


Hey, thanks for the write up! We allow up to 2 other tipping token commands to be used with the LOLZ command. We don't count !MEME and !GIF against that as they aren't "tipping" tokens per se.

And you can also use the German command !witz to get a German joke.

In the future we plan to have Spanish jokes to which will use the command !jajaja

Credit: steem82868
Earn Crypto for your Memes @!

Der Ball rollt
um die Ecke

Credit: alucian
@hannes-stoffel, ich habe dir im Namen von @lolztoken einen $LOLZ Token gesendet
Verwende den Befehl !WITZ oder !LOOL, um einen Witz und ein $LOLZ zu teilen.
Did you know that $LOLZ is a Dividend Token too? Find out more at LOLZ Defi.

Nice summary, well done. :) And I love the graphic.

Thank you very much.
You just made me blush a little ☺️

Started to learn how to use inkscape a few days ago and those were my first steps.

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