What a child needs

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What a child needs to grow properly isn't money, but parents who have the right mind to help them acquire the intelligence to live through this harsh world.


Source: Pexel

Almost all parents want the best for their kids. the best clothes, the best school, in short, the best life.

At a young age, they provide their kids with expensive things that they can afford, and most parents strive harder so that they can prepare for their kids' future.

They want to secure the future of their kids so that when they grow up, they don't need to strive and work hard.

The problem is that we cannot predict the future. No one knows what the future holds for our children.

Even if you leave them with tons of money but do not teach them how to handle it, they will eventually lose it.


Source: Pexel

Let us not spoil our kids, what they really need is intelligence on how to survive the harsh reality of this world.

Most teenagers nowadays are weak-minded and heartless; their parents have spoiled them so much that when they see what the world is really like, they get depressed easily. They are used to being valuable, and when society doesn't threaten them as their parents did, they start to rebel and hate.

Stop raising spoiled kids. If you really love them, what you should teach them is to understand the truth about this world.

Teach them good morals and the right values, and they will grow just fine.