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welcome back #faotd entrants, supportors and curators, It is never easy to build something new, but gladly I have had some anazing support in bringing this initiative to the community, without such it would have been almost impossible.

I would like to acknowledge each of them, without tagging them, you guys each know who you are, If you would like an ongoing mention please let me know, I would be happy to include you in a special section of our future posts in appreciation for your support of the #faotd and the #pob community in general.

I will be offering an incentive to reblog the #faotd posts, once we get our first five entries to the contest in a single day, I will give the First place Winner of that day a Bitcoin cash NFT from my prized collection. Lets bring our end game and make this community
a tribe to be reckoned with.


Winners of Yesterday's Contest

  1. @merit.ahama
  2. @aimharryianne
  3. @amberkashif

Winners were chosen at random using random.org

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Yesterday's Contest Prizes

1) First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

2) Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

3) Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

Prizes will be transferred shortly

Entrants for Yesterday shared these amazing Articles

@merit.ahama shared a an article written by @theindiantrader in which was emphasised why we shouldn't blame technology for our own failures. Blaming Technology For Our Failures It is an important read for those of us unwilling to take into account our own failure in how we use technology each day.

@aimharryianne shared an inspiring article by @dreemsteem. which dug into the depts of why we should be open to blessing others, once we have of course done the relevant research, sometimes we find amazing people that are doing all they can to improve their communities and with a little help can do so much more, read this exceptional thought provoking article BLESSING THOSE WHO BLESS and share your thoughts.

@amberkashif shared an article by @timmypat about a girl his relation who realised after 14 years that she had wasted time doing what others had wanted her too do, A challenging story, something that is difficult to comprehend, but does happen, I believe no parent should force a child to follow in their footsteps, especially if it might affect their happiness, it is best to let our children follow their own path to success, The moment she realized how she wasted 14 years was also entered into @caluman,s POB-WOTW #013 using the word EUREKA


My Favourite Article of the Day

My Favourite Article of the day was written by @rubenmedina182 which went into the importance of using your brain in the #pob tribe and betting on your token to fulfil it's potential, but also how using our brain to each do our part in the tribe through, commenting, engaging and curation can have it's own rewards.

Having more #pob staked allows use to have more influence on how our rewards and our influence in the community grows with each stake, if you haven't read this article Importance of POB POWER I would suggest stopping by and giving it some brain power, we each benefit from our stakes, maybe it is time you considered how you want to use yours.

#faotd #dcc


Today's Contest Prizes

Today's prizes will remain unchanged.

  1. First place will receive a 6.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

  2. Second place will receive 2.5 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

  3. Third Place will receive a 1.25 #pob delegation + 1 Upvote from me

A new incentivised Prize of a prized Bitcoin cash NFT to the First place Winner of the #faotd contest that first reaches 5 entrants on that day, so lets get reblogging.

NOTE: It is worth noting that although winners will receive additional upvotes aswell as prizes, the percentage weight of these upvotes cannot be guaranteed as nobody can guarantee a 100% upvote.

The Rules

  1. Leave your #faotd in the Comment section below using a clickable link to your favourite Proof of brain article of the day, and also tag the author, this can be any article you found helpful or you found added value to the #pob community.
    Write a brief explanation as to why you chose this particular article.

  2. Make sure to use both the #faotd and #dcc tags so that your comment may be curated by both #faotd and #dcc

  3. Make sure to use a clickable link

  4. Alternatively you can look up the entries to Yesterdays #faotd contest on how best to structure your comment entry for the Favourite Article of the Day HERE

Congratulation to the 3 Winners from Yesterday and thank you to all entrants for taking part, I wish you the all the best of luck in the next contest.


This initiative is brought to you in Collaboration with @dcooperation and @clixmoney you can learn more about the #dcc coin and it's use case at The use case of dcc token

Further to this I have been asked to clarify that other than the 3 winners earning #dcc coins you may create your own post using your chosen #faotd using the comment by adding the TAGS #dcc and #faotd to earn #dcc coins and further curation as #dcc coins are rather limited. @clixmoney

For more come check out my blog at ProofofBrain and learn what all the fuse is about on an amazing blockchain blogging platform in the #hive ecosystem

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Wow I came first this time around, that's awesome. Congrats to us girls @aimharryianne @amberkashif more wins to us.

My Favorite Article Of The Day would be the post titled Laughter Is The Best Medicine - The Physical Health Benefits written by @officialuroga

I love everything about this article, it takes skill to get your audience to smile while reading your article. @officialuroga did that so well while expressing so much about laughter and how it contributes to our health physically.

One of the benefits he outlined was that "Laughter relieve stress and pain" I agree with that so well as I have experienced it times without number. Laughter is one of the best medicine for man, we can't afford to be moody or being a sadist.

#faotd #dcc

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Grear articles all upvoted :)

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Awesome, thanks for your support. It's very much appreciated

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Thank you Pal, it's great to have your support

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Thank you for the mention, and your words on this review made me smile, I'm glad the post meet you well, now I have work to do 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽, how will I top the first post now since I'm going to make another, let you in advance, if the second one don't make you laugh or smile I will cry.😂 Once again thank you.

😂 It will surely make me laugh, just do your best like you've been doing. I trust you my comedian 😂 you're doing well, it's like you will soon cut soap for me self

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😂😂😂 she said I will soon cut soap for her, that's funny.

😂 Yes o, how do you make people laugh so well? You will cut the soap for me na

-Wow! @merit.ahama Congratulations once again....hehe.. @amberkashif too...very nice to be among the winners with both of you!❤

My Favorite article of the day was written by @ayesha-malik


In this article, she gave importance to the dreams of the women, why there are some restrictions after marriage, some stopped willingly, and some formerly restricted.

Here she showed us the importance for women to fight for their dreams to decide what is best for themselves, she also indicated here what were truly the reasons why women sacrifice their career after marriage who is stopping them? The woman itself? The society she belongs to?
Kindly check her article and you will also see more about the details and how good a writer this Author is @ayesha-malik!

Thanks a lot!
Have a blessed morning!🙏


Unfortunately this article was outside the pay-out period so it could not be curated upon, You will still be entered into the random draw, just try to make sure the articles you share have time to receive some additional curation rewards from potential readers, we cannot show them support if the article is paid out already. Thanks

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Hi everyone, missed yesterday as it was my final work day and we had a leaving party. But back today!
My favorite for today is this article on reciprocity or helping people that help you I am a firmer believer of treat people how you wish to be treated and @anacristinasilva looks at that message in this article of hers. I think it is good to take a pause and realize that helping those around you improves your life as well. #faotd #dcc

A nice inspirational choice of #faotd, it is definitely better to find others that you can work well with, not so easy to find people that understand the importance of reciprocation, but yes we are stronger together, welcome back great to have you on board again

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I am very happy that you liked this if it is fun thanks