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RE: All eyes are on Ethereum, but Dogecoin also reached another ATH - A sign of alt season vil 2?


Possible SNL Sketch:
"We switch live to the White House for an important message from President...."
"Ahem, my fellow American comrades, It is my great pleasure to announce our new Secretary Treasurer Egon... what's your name again son?"
"It's Elon, Elon Musk Mr President."
"Ah yes, Mr. Elon elon Musk mr. President, Our New Secretary treasurer of the United States!"
"Thank you Mr. President, And as my first act as your Treasurer, I will be retiring the USD and in it's place make Dogecoin the currency of US and the reserve currency of the World! And Tesla will be accepting Doge for the Model 3 Car."

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