Curation Rewards on POB, HIVE and HBD Goals

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Last week I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across my actual HIVE wallet. I guess I never really considered to check it out as I was using only the POB front end and wallet and then the HIVE Engine. I though I had an eye on all the resources I needed to have an eye on.

I also assumed that POB curation rewards would be paid in POB.

I was very happy to find that I had a good amount of HIVE Power to claim and also HBD. So this is where my curation rewards are gong.

I went away from the net since last thursday and I was happy to come back today and see that I had 45 HIVE power to collect as rewards. When I cashed that in it put me over 100 Hive power staked. This was my first goal after learning about where my rewards were going. I will soon reach 500 POB power also. The Curating rewards are very good, I have about a .44 POB vote at this time.

My next goals to meet are 50 HBD, 250 HIVE, and 500 POB.

Lets see if I can meet the 500 POB goal this week.

Thanks for your votes and quality, original content for me to upload.

Now a question. What is the best way to get HBD to Bitcoin Cash, and how do you bring your HIVE or HBD over to the HIVE Engine?

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