Becoming a whale a mission that is not impossible

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smile,this was the first thought that came to my brain when I thought if what am about to am writing now or should I just say what am about to express now,I know at a point while reading this content you be will be amazed by not even thinking of giving me a chance at all,but of a truth am not really ruling myself out too, cause I felt like this too might get me some delegations (Lmao).

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Yes I just said delegation,it rang in my head that is it really possible,but have always wanted to give up too as regards this especially when it comes to me that @amr008 engagement be as come to an end and for someone who as not really be part of such engagement well enough it sounds so harsh,buy is decision on that too can't be overlooked, so I keep on thinking about names here on the platform

And I was like becoming a whale too is a mission that is not impossible uhmm
trust you just did the same thing,like you are shocked to see a new users like me dreaming of becoming a whale even after 37days,it might sound so crazy,but I sincerely believe that been consistent and quality writing too can be very helpful in getting to the top.

I have never for once give up on chasing dreams and after taking my time to study lot of whale's too @onealfa.pob,@proofofbrain, @leprechaun and @scholaris.pob I sincerely felt like it will require help and hard work before I can get to such level in too,but still I rather don't want to kill the tempo at which I write this day's, cause I don't know when help too can come from

It won't be an easy journey to join the big names on the rich list or even become a whale too,but I still very much see it as a mission that is not impossible.

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