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it sounds so pleasing to be here again today after a long time out from the community and I want to say thank you to some set of individuals that took their time to actually reach me via discord ,it really makes me feel better and good ,it is not easy to have been on the sick bed immediately after coming on as a new users and I want to say thank You all for taking your time to check on me

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It will interms you that my coming back is really a good one as I have understand that lot as been missed by me and I sincerely need to be here active and contsitent about every of my engagement here,I sincerely want to say that have seen alot of things as a new user and lot has been learnt from all this,but of a truth I sincerely wished the system and @proofofbrain too should have a way of helping new users here

At a point I was thinking that how will I go about getting noticed an in the community and what type of content self do I need to write to comes out good enough and to also entails the community and it big whales too notice of new users like us who are really passionate about adding value to the community too.

I sincerely wishes thier is a to do list ad to help new users too not just to help in terms of following the principle and rules of the community,but also what are needful in terms of getting noticed and getting quality recommendations to for every of thier effort too in the community.

I sincerely believe that the best way to get new user motivated is to get give them moral boasting rewards too that will actually helped them in understanding the fact that the community on it own is not just for the big boss alone,but the users too can be encouraged to get to the top

Less I forget I sincerely want to say I have greater respect for some of the big whales on the platform which I have sincerely get close to thier account to study them and see how things are been done, special regards to @onealfa.pob

and I also want to say have come across how good @@@onealfa.pob too as been of support to people on this platform and I want to say that of @insight.pob really got my attention and it is making to think that thier Nia nothing been consistent can't bring towards us

check out from my next post (Been a whale,a mission that is not impossible)

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Welcome back and have a nice and more better time and experience here than you ever had before.

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