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Money is not everything,but everything needs money is one understanding I grew up with and till now I still find it hard and difficult to actually base a perfect believe on this proverbs that people do say,mere looking at life and it happening it as proven itself that one way or the other our financial life sincerely needs to be very stable as life on it own can be very frustrating without this at times.

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Basically all areas of our life needs money,but I still find it hard to admit and agreed with the understanding of some people who do say that money is the root of all evil,yes it might be maybe due to the level at which people this days run in search for it or the understanding that people have towards it,to me and my understanding life on it own is on a capital level,which means that our life is standing on the basis of the financial strength that we have or that we have acquired.

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Nothing comes easy in life, even love relationship at times stand on the basis of the financial strength of the spouse,I don't say no to the ideology that money is not everything,but a little bit confused and open for clearation on what money can't do or what money can't buy,am sure most will come and say happiness,but times without number I keep on asking myself can poverty gives human peace of mind and happiness and with this I still find it hard to agree with this ideology that money is not everything, basically this are my opinion and I will say our financial strength means alot and can even put a smile on our face ones it is stable.

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