Shunning plagiarism(A guide for new bies)

in Proof of Brainlast month

Hello everyone,it is also good to be here once more and i want to believe that we have all being enjoying the community irrespective of how tough things might be at times and I want to say that life on it own as been good too , although it might be hard at times,but it always sound so cool to see how we are all doing irrespective of the circumstance ,what a relief too

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Have wanted to always share my views on the platform especially now that am back fully and hoping that I can contribute one thing or the other too in the community, trust me this might not really be coming for the first time right now ,but having to write this is just as a reminder to help those who are yet to make the mistakes and those who are already in it to desist from such act and even sound as a guide to the new bies

Definitely it is no other thing than plagiarism,the community on it own and especially one of the most Important fact that every new users do get after their introduction post is the warning against plagiarism,which it as been stated that it will be of no help to whosoever is found guilty of such act, which means we must all do well enough to always come out with our own writing irrespective of how low in quality and errors too that might be there,it can only get better with time .

Writing a low Quality Content too is not a crime,as I want to believe that the community on it own is a place for learning and building people to become very good in thier writing and every others things too,I want to say that being a new user too as really helped me alot as I always want to be an advocate of change and progress too in the community

we only have one way to support @proofofbrain too by joining hands with him to have a community with good individual who understand the basis and Cherish the basis too

I stand and say no to plagiarism
I stand by saying let watch our community clean from content spamming

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