Things to look for when you suspect that the label is not advertising the contents...

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I'm writing this to help those that misunderstand, and misinterpret, information - To learn t recognize that that nice sounding generalities are very often used as a strategy to hide weakness and ambiguity , posing as intelligence and wisdom.

In my experience, those that wish to not engage in a debate of their own ideas are scared of being revealed.
Of showing themselves to being nothing like the mask that they wear.

For those that are peddling bullshit, (and they know it) - wish to create a narrative for the more gullible to accept.
Their motives are disingenuous.
Those with higher than average IQ's (the midwit, for example), will make the effort to carry many truths in their word salads - for truths are a powerful vehicle by which to attain credibility.
Within those truths, lies the faux messages - and that is where their real 'will to power' resides.

They do not deal in truths, they deal in narratives. Truths are only there to add legitimacy to an argument that is, overall - illegitimate.
Throw in a sprinkling of truths to blind those who are less critical in what they read.
It's a power play.
It's their 'will to power', expressing itself. (it's also a very low IQ expression of it, but that's not pertinent right here).

It's the 'snake oil salesman' in action.

lllp (3) - Copy.jpg

Nice sounding deep generalities are seldom that 'deep', not really.
Not when they come under scrutiny.
Read Nietzsche.
There's nothing shallow about his works. His reasoning and logic are pretty airtight.

You often find that with these peddlers -'a narrative you will accept unquestioningly' - is that when these generalities ARE questioned, it becomes a case of - 'oh my god! you dare to question my wisdom'?... that kind of thing.

THEN... you're then met with a dismissive or defensive response and attitude. Or even none at all.
Watch out for in vogue words like 'toxic' or 'negative' coming your way - or even better - 'you obviously aren't clever enough to understand what I'm saying'.

It's the midwits defensive fallback response.

...And quite often, it's also finished off with an appeal to authority as if that gives more (not less) credence to their position.

Don't be scared of asking.
Confusion is part of the game for the disingenuous, not clarity.
They will try to make you feel defensive.
They will try to put you in a position of feeling like 'I don't understand what's being said, maybe I'm too stupid'.
THAT is their modus operandi.
It's a 'power over you' , play.
Fuck that.

Never be scared of asking.

Whether Einstein said it or not is irrelevant.
The wisdom still stands.


"If you can't explain your ideas to a 5 year old, then you don't understand them yourself."

So the next time that you don't understand something, and are afraid of asking because , somehow, you'd feel really stupid approaching 'ye old wise guru'- ask you self this:


And just like that - 'MR GURU'..... SUDDENLY HAS NO CLOTHES...

Show NO RESPECT to those who think they are prophesying wisdom, but are unable - or are unwilling - to enter into debate about their own perspectives.

They DESERVE NO RESPECT for showing intellectual cowardice.

Ask for definitions.

This is a BIG tell - one of the biggest - in exposing the disingenuous. (and the low IQ mask wearers).

What is wrong with asking for definitions?

scaled map - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

It clarifies everything.

And that's the whole point... The 'word salad engineer' doesn't want to be asked for definitions, you see.
....they peddle in ambiguous generalities so as to appear wise and /or clever without ever having to explain themselves.
Asking for definitions to words or terms that they themselves are using - puts them - forces them - into a position.
Weak arguments fall apart with the application of definitions.
Ambiguity shows itself.

If you cannot define your own terms on which you write a post - what you're really doing, is telling the world...


Truth loves scrutiny - it has nothing to hide.
It is what it is.
The disingenuous word salad writer, however - who try to pose untruths and ambiguity as some kind of truth ?
...Well...they have plenty to hide.

The inspiration for writing this post is based on @calumam and @coininstant 's discussion with account @regenerette and a post that is awash with ambiguities and soft logic.
I hate to see accounts I like and support, being misled.
I can only say it as I see it.
The rest is upto the individual to work it out.

I have requested some definitions - i.e some clarity - on this post, and hopefully I'll get a reply.

I asked for what the definition of what 'divine source' is, that's mentioned several times in their post.

Much of the premise of the post relies on this 'divine source'.
It seems to be a foundational part of the overall perspective.

Ergo.... if there is not a clear definition of what this is, then the narrative itself is built on a nothingness. (A typical midwit/disingenuous players', strategy)

A simple explanation - the definition - is suffice.
Lack of willingness to give a definition?
Fear of exposure.
(and see Einsteins quote above).

I hope that I'm incorrect in my dissection of this account.

An unwillingness to engage in debate, a defensiveness in response, and dismissiveness in attitude, tells me that thus far, I am correct.

viking flats - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

There is no where to hide on the block chain.

I'm not scared - How about account @regenerette?
I'll stare down both the devil and god - and both at the same time - when it comes to finding out truths through discussion and dissection.

Lets debate.... lets clarify...lets define...

Otherwise , as time goes by - and with my incessant questioning that I guarantee WILL be on every post.
I will scrutinize it all with a pleasure that's comes close to foreplay, when you're a 16 year old lad...
(I don't think my tenacity for this kind of exercise is in question - not for those who've know me on this platform for the last four years) .

Over time, and with a consistent refusal to address logical points, areas of critique, and questions of perspective - any account will start to look vapid, shallow, and utterly empty of the wisdom that they profess to impart..

The midwit hates to be seen without a mask...
And I hate to see people being 'taken in' by charlatans.

I write this in the hope it helps others to see through the bullshit that some of these 'word salad smiths' depend on, to appear legitimate and intelligent.

They are neither !

...I will continue expose them - I promise you.

And hopefully .... I'll be pleasantly surprised at being woefully wrong in having misinterpreted them.

I WANT to be wrong...

viking flats - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg


That was a pretty fun read, I guess you hit a nerve on someone. The comments were really enjoyable also, it is fun seeing people dissect and cherry pick the various ideas you present and then try to justify their actions, or that you caused them to react in a certain way. My favorite complaint was the 5 am part.

It's the block chain, it's not like comments are going to go away unless they delete them, then you can still find them if you want. Go to bed, get some sleep, pick-up where you left off when you can think more clearly.

I mean I may have stayed awake later than I want to because of a game, but because some one asked me a question? it can always be answered in the morning or later. After all it is my time, not theirs/yours, I surrender it to no one on line, I am forced to waste time often enough in walking life to surrender my on-line time and my especially my sleep time to answer a question that can wait til I am thinking more clearly is not going to happen.

Nerves are like 'flak, and targets..'.

The funny thing is...this post is far more generic than specific.

I used this opportunity to place a marker of sorts.
These are the well known tools to use to dissect weak positions.
(Dissecting weak positions is how you eventually get to stronger positions).

Observable actions to watch out for (to indicate weakness of ideas) are the point (imo).

I was just warming up...Just wait....'The marker ' can be used as a reference when I start to dissemble much bigger accounts.
Imagine a place based on 'community' - a community so weak it has epileptic fits if truth and logic are used.
('community', or 'insane asylum?' lol)

One of the phrases I dis-like is "Do your own research!", if they are not going to tell you where the information was from or what their source was, then it is pretty much a cop-out because they did not do the research and want someone else to do it for them. I have not seen much of that on Hive yet, but as more and more disenfranchised Youtubers and FB user pop onto Hive I am sure I will be seeing that more often.


It was a fun post and comment stream to read. Uhmm BTW you weren't talking about me were you? Joke, It is easy for people to see themselves in post like the ones you make, paranoia all of us at times suffer from it. You were nice you mentioned a few names, but not the specific post because it did not seem like a response to a specific post, when it is you almost always mention the post.

Sometime Generic is hard for people to understand. I like that word dissemble, I think it was because of that move with 5 is alive robot/ai, I can't even remember the movie title and am to lazy right now to look it up, and now like 5 is a live would say, "More Input", ready for the next disassembly.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

"and with my incessant questioning that I guarantee WILL be on every post."

lol, Pestering the opposite sex especially when the person in question is way the fuck out your league is a hell of a way to bring down a monsoon of butthurt upon yourself. How about instead of being some ultra level 300 IQ 1337 psyche boy trying to flex some absurd form of obsession on a newer female user, you spend your time in a more lucrative manner, or go fuck your hand or something for christ sake.. Almost guarantee that you'll have basically all but forgotten about this after a quick fap and a sandwich. :D

The whole "deserve respect" rant is cute I guess. It's a concept hard earned not immediately delegated, unless you're someone with a personality disorder of sorts, which is fine in all honesty and would explain this shit a bit more.. Even then don't let characters on teh internet pretend that the entity typing isn't putting on a face to attempt to exploit human nature for profit. or something.

Going on about how intellegent you are while referencing other people in a negative connotation or inferring you're somehow a greater being is fucking hilarious. Some serious small dick energy going on when a man results to that sort of shit.

Anyways, Stop being a dink to my friend or I'll send bloodhounds or cubans or something (probably just erotic art tbh)

Upvoted because funny drama. Also: Yes. As a silent observer of this malarkey, that needed to be said, at some point, sooner than later.

To be frank, when a girl out of my league gives me the mating signal I swing for the fences.

If you woke up in a dream, standing at the bat in an MLB game, are you telling me you would just go lucid and ruin all the fun in the unknown outcome of your attempt at success?

LOL. God damn this comment made me laugh and consider my response... Which is same as yours.. Lucky for me few if any exist in a league above myself. :P

Us Canadians have MASSIVE EGOS lol

We live in a place the fucking AIR can kill us half the year..

And that isn't the only Massive thing we're rockin! XD

you obviously aren't clever enough to understand what I'm saying'.

🤣 Never actually had that said to me, but I've had conversations with the type who try to bedazzle you with intellectual sounding tripe which doesn't answer the question you asked. At which point I leave the conversation, because it's obviously not going anywhere.

"If you can't explain your ideas to a 5 year old, then you don't understand them yourself."

This exactly! The best way to understand a concept is to teach it to someone else. If you can't do that you haven't understood it yet. I learnt so much from educating my girls and they've taught me a few things too.

Uh oh, he's tagging people now. Time for a quick exit.

but I've had conversations with the type who try to bedazzle you with intellectual sounding tripe which doesn't answer the question you asked. At which point I leave the conversation, because it's obviously not going anywhere.

Au contraire, madomoselle....
THIS is where you gouge out the mother fuckers eyes , slit their throat, and pull out their innards for all the world to see their fakery....Ahem...metaphorically speaking, of course

Ooooh, sounds therapeutic! 🤣

It is!...It makes your soul soar, and then your sleep is of the newborn...
You don't think I'm a twat for altruistic reasons, do ya? lol

twat for altruistic reasons

Sounds rather oxymoronic. Now there's a word I don't think I've ever had an opportunity to use before. You'll make a midwit out of me yet. 😁

Your ambitions of ever being a midwit will fail miserably, I'm sorry to have to tell you.

If it's something that you really want to attain to, here's some pointers...

.....Lose the goddamn sense of humor!...Midwits don't laugh, they politely laugh along with
Thinking for yourself is a big no, no, as well i'm afraid.
Copious amounts of CNN, BBC, and Hollywood, can go along way to fix this problem. Recommended dosage, about 15 years, 9 hours a day.

When you've addressed these issues, get back to me, and then we'll see if I can give you psychotic break using only logic and laughter.

Then we'll know that you've really got there!

15 years, 9 hours a day.

What!!? I haven't got the patience for that! I want to do other things before I get old!

I tell you what, though, the narcissist in my life darn near lost me my sense of humour at one point. She seems to be making progress, though, so fingers crossed...

The irony of you using boomer ass terms like "Midwits" and instructing people to consume main stream media isn't lost on me. lol. ffs.

Psychotic breaks or bouts of mania? Which shit you gearing up on? :D

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yeah!!! (metaphorically laughing)

thinking of ways to tag......must tag....need to tag...

I can sometimes spend hours, may be even hours through out an entire week researching a topic someone posted and I still wouldn't be able to scientifically explain it the way it was written but I most certainly at that point can distinguish between who may or may not have been peddling bullshit.

I didn't know this is a scientific platform 😁 God...I have to escape this then 🤤 I prefer the free speech 🙂

It was mostly anti vaxxer stuff until covid came along. It's been a lllloooonnnngggg road of reading materials to try and decipher. Some people will just grab onto a sentence and run with it, like one the other day someone posted an article that they quoted a sentence as an absolute finding but failed to finish the observation that the finding was not significantly above normal compared to the population overall.

Outside of this experimental vaccine(s) with covid I think it's important for kids to get vaccinated, maybe it's because I got both the chicken pox and measles when I was a kid and I remember the painful experience it was. I remember vividly laying on the couch screaming in pain for my mom to make it stop as she put warm compresses on my back to solve the pain. I may be inclined to believe it's not wise to vaccinate a kid with all their shots at once but the reality is that's why they have them scheduled out and if parents miss those intervals whose fault is that? It's not science's fault that parents skip out then find themselves being denied getting their kids in school because they lack their required shots. I've seen it way to many times kids getting all their shots at once so they can go to school.

I think it is a general problem if someone wants to find the absolute truth on a social platform. Not even academic journals can give you that. Anyway...who are we to show what's good or bad? However, for me, being a bad person is much worse than being misinformed. In fact, I have higher expectations from so supposed informed people.

Going along to get along does tend to work out much better, you don't suffer to much brain drain writing witless jabs and one meaningless one liners. You should work out well on here.

The idea is that I do enough research for my work. I want to relax in HIVE without caring too much about how specific or not is a person...or other little details. I can connect with someone or not - some kind of HIVE-zapping. Intellectual debates can also be interesting in Hive or in more appropriate places...but this is definitely not my primary goal here.

A smart phone is an oxymoron, lol! All phones are dumb phones haha! Good catch!!

There's an inverse equation , somewhere........the more 'smart' appliances you have....the dumber you are! lol

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True Dat!! !LUV

Thank you (do I now have to call you sweetie?)

HAHA! I've been waiting for that one! jk

Well, there is two sides to this.

Einstein vs Tesla.

I can tear apart the theories of Einstein. I have an answer to every rebuttal.
Because all of it is known. It is written out.
However, since it is written out, most people walk away still believing in the fraud that is Einstein.

But with Tesla, i have to start talking in words that aren't know. In fact, many of the things Electric Universe model people work with do not have a name. We know the force, we know the actions and reactions, but we do not have a solid name. And thus, we cannot bring up "facts" to any of our conversations.
We can't explain it to a five year old, we are having trouble explaining it to ourselves.

And although truth seems to be on our side, history is currently on the side of Einstein.

Electric Universe model

I've seen some of the videos on it, the electric and plasma charged universe and the sculpting of planets, the few I have seen were pretty interesting.

So. This is the proof of brain tribe. Interesting.

What's really interesting, is the response from a post about the behaviors of the evasive/disingenuous - that are all very well known, and documented.

Do people not read anymore ? lol

The response was many things. I read. Your words don't speak well when you write. Scattered thoughts. Emotions where they shouldn't be. Reads like a dictator's speech. I'm only critiquing the writing. Not you or what was said. Just that superficial nonsense stuff, that matters only in literature, usually. I expected at some point someone would come to tell you off. It happens. He's funny. You deserve it. He means well. I see the honesty behind his words. There's something there for you to learn from.

So I visited POB and saw this 'Trending' and didn't think it was very smart. But I think 'Proof of Brain' was more about offering a platform free of bots with more human interaction. Not so much about human intelligence competition. I could be wrong. Did not read the memo. Not sure what this place values.

Yeah, my writing is shite, I agree.

POB is not human intelligence competition. I like silly and crazy to.

What's interesting is the storm that it's created, by talking about logic and well known psychological markers to look for, when trying to disseminate 'faux' from 'the legit'.

The writing can improve. That helps with the delivery. This does look like a bit of a smear. Could probably get the same point across without mentioning a name. Though that doesn't always work. I recently added a zinger to one of my posts, speaking in general, without mentioning names. There were quite a few who fit the profile. One showed up and thought I was talking about them, started yelling at me. Ratted himself out. Pissed right off for talking about him. Even came armed with a quote meant to prove me wrong that helped proved me right. "Pretending to be a professional investor on the trending page all while thinking content is worthless," Is what I said. I can think of a lot of names and lot of conversations I've had over the years that would all fit. Next time I'll leave that line out completely...

I guess the moral of the story is: Shit storms happen, regardless.

It's worth mentioning, these new Tribes don't work out well if it's just a bunch of drama and infighting. As a consumer of this product, and potential buyer, I want real content. This was my second time browsing. The first time I had to come over and address a troll taking shots at me, on the POB trending page.

So I'm a bit grouchy about this place. And the filler content about POB token this and POB token that, Tribe good, cheerleader posts. Blah.

My writing may be shite - but my strategic thinking skills are not, can assure you.
There is a reason for this post , far beyond this post.

If you dissect an idea without naming names - accounts - is asinine.
Quoting as a source - as a reference to your work - is the same thing , and would be remiss to not do in context of a logic and philosophy).

I wouldn't 'dis' Nietzsche work without referring to his arguments. (finding holes in Nietzsche work, is seemingly beyond my intellectual pay grade).

I've been frustrated for four years on hive - watching low IQ idiocy reign - all in the guise of 'intelligence'.

You be you.

This stems from a day some charlatan tried to sell some kind of strange powder you're supposed to eat, and once digested, was supposed to cure people, of anything. His post was boosted to the top of trending, without any indication the slot was paid for with bots, creating the illusion of a 'popular' post. So I just did a parody. Everyone knew what I was talking about (except for spaced out Sunlit who was still pouting that day).

I was frustrated that day. Converted it into laughs. If I see what I think is stupid, I take that as a challenge to be even stupider.

Good times.

Oh Luce, you've really got some drama going on now! I need to get some popcorn and come back to the show. 🤣

Emotionally led , low IQ retards, who have too much power - it all looks very ugly for the platform, doesn't it?
They must really loathe themselves.

I came in late. What's happening guys?

Looks around

Have fun! I'll be over there.

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Just looking for more clarity as you have mentioned;

Asking for definitions to words or terms that they themselves are using - puts them - forces them - into a position.

I've been a lot more critical of @regenerette's posts since reading your last post where you raised some valid questions and received dismissal on her content. I believe my votes on her posts since then show that I appreciate some content that she shares and I find some value in it, but other content I don't see the validity or I'm not personally interested in it.

I'm more intrigued by the responses and discussions under a post. It paints a much better picture of a person.

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I wonder if I'll get a reply to my very valid question?
Action - or inaction - speaks volumes.

Very true. I hope so.

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Dear @lucylin, why don't you expose yourself?...because some of us have no interest in dissecting other people here. Considering that, how should someone treat your post...? Everyone needs to improve in this community, but I wouldn't put it this way. I just want you to reflect on one thing: ''What is (was) more important in your life? To be right or to be (make other people) happy". Be it a starting point for your own dissection article. Because I dare you to do that and to be nice with @regenerette. Can you do that?

Because I dare you to do that and to be nice with @regenerette. Can you do that?

I'm nice to everyone.
I'm not nice to weak philosophy or logic.

...did the 100% upvote and comment 'good post' pass you by?
This was hours before this post.

Some cognitive bias at play, or willful blindness, perhaps?

I think the bias is in your mind. I am not aroused by good or bad comments. But it's interesting how you see things. I don't think anyone should receive this kind of remarks on this platform...or at least not exposed in this way. I think some competent quality team could do that eventually.

Why the desire for a 'referral to an authority' on a free speech blogging platform?

I am biased - everyone is.
(You showed a bias by writing this comment , over choosing to not write).

I don't think anyone should receive this kind of remarks on this platform

Such as what exactly?
I was attacking ideas and the guise by which it introduces itself...Any perceived attack on a personal level is incorrect.

...or at least not exposed in this way

Exposed in what way?
Showing up faux logic, and weak philosophy?
That roads leads to totalitarianism. Stalin would approve of this logic, you do know that right?

What would you propose?.... A polite silence?

Why are people so offended - i.e afraid - of talking truthfully?
This is a far more interesting question .

My interest is dissecting weak ideas and poor philosophy, and these come in the form of accounts.

I just want you to reflect on one thing: ''What is (was) more important in your life? To be right or to be (make other people) happy"

Did you not see the bottom of my post? - it says "I want to be wrong".

So being a prick to invoke dramamonger powers to keep yourself entertained or?

Man that is some beta cuck shit singling out a new user and being hyper critical of them, lets be honest here, 99.8% of HIVE posts are shit nobody wants to read.. No sense inflating yours sense of self or bolstering your incredible curation eyes running down noobs ffs.

Probably a dumb fucking idea to pick on @regenerette to be fair, I hear she is protected by the HIVE Mobster families or something.. Then again I could just be making all this shit up too. Fuck around and find out..? :D

So being a prick to invoke dramamonger powers to keep yourself entertained or?

It's a bit of a longer story than that but I can happily go into it if you want.

99.8% of HIVE posts are shit nobody wants to read..

That's a shame. Yet asking genuine questions about the validity of some information is not recommended because it'll potentially hurt someone's feelings?

No idea where all this "bullying" and "picking on people" talk is coming from. See what you wanna see I suppose.

Probably a dumb fucking idea to pick on @regenerette to be fair, I hear she is protected by the HIVE Mobster families or something.. Then again I could just be making all this shit up too. Fuck around and find out..? :D

grow up.

I'm just stomping on you on request from people I recently did account recovery for after they were hacked saying some dickweeds were harrassing. Just poking my head in to convey the message of "there are greater assholes in this pool than you lot" and to not start conflict or shit talk the lady in question.

Other than that, do what you want.. I'm not your fucking mom nor to I wish to babysit "adults" on a fucking blogchain.

this is a PSA to be nice to eachother or fuck off

I'm just stomping on you on request from people I recently did account recovery for after they were hacked saying some dickweeds were harrassing.

What are you going on about? Why have you decided to reply to my comment and "stomp on me" when I've been nothing but upfront and honest with @regenerette. Seriously lost here.

I'm not your fucking mom nor to I wish to babysit "adults" on a fucking blogchain.

Well, don't stroll in acting like one or thinking that you in any way need to do that.

To be entirely honest I didn't even bother fully catching up on your comments or replies on @regenerette's shit, I'm 10 hours into a day of coding and don't have the time to waste reading whatever garbage sparked her PM'ing me saying that a couple of hand fucking keyboard warriors are getting their jollies off being dinks or some shit.

If my stepping in and flag nuking is unwarranted, sorry pal.
If it is warranted and you're trying to flip the script and play the victim card now my field of fucks is barren in regards to that sort of behavior. These replies are basically "shots across the bow" as a warning to leave people alone when they've asked or obviously decided to not answer something a stranger on the internet tried to bait them into sharing.

I'll stroll wherever the fuck I please bubs, I didn't just come in here out of the goodness of my heart or because of some randomness.. I came in here because I was asked to look at a couple of neckbeard ass quasi-intellectuals ganging up on a newer user.. and if we're going to measure e-peens over our internet status and how intellectual and cultured we are, you and the post writer compared don't even amount to the left nut of yours truly..

You're in my domain on a blockchain I've been involved with since before it was cool. What's your main account by the way? For a 2017 account your rank and HP is oddly low for a main account.

Decided to get some sleep last night because this wasn't going anywhere and I saw on discord that one of regenerette's comments was deleted from one of my posts so it was time to call it a day.

You can do as you wish with your flags, I just don't understand what you mean by nuking. If you disagree with what's been said then fair enough, if it's being used as an attack method then that seems unsettling.
No idea how regenerette has perceived my messages to her but I've never meant to upset her in any way so decide on the victim card based on that.

The post was in Proof Of Brain after all and some genuine questions were presented. If the proof of brain mechanics are worth anything at all then digging deeper into someone's content to determine what legitimacy it holds should be commonly practised.

I returned to the blockchain about a month ago after some time away, about the same time regenerette joined. I was on Steem previously.

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 2 years ago (edited) Reveal Comment

The ego is already setting me up for falling off stage.

We fall off the stage, climb back up, look at the audience and laugh our asses off, and then we get to use that most famous phrase of "Is there a Doctor in the house?" as blood drips out of the wound over our eye and the bone poking out of our forearm cause the squeamish to back away and the gore hunters to close in.

Well they become a zombie rise up and go after the closest laugher at them, then you get to sit on stage watching the audience run and scream and cry in utter fear as they trample over each other and ignore each others pleas for help.

It would be the one in the back of the head, that is always the first one to lose it's ability to see.

It's funny how people take the dissection of ideas as a personal attack...(rather than an opportunity to grow through push back and debate...)

I never ceases to surprise me - the amount of children, inhabiting adult bodies.