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What's popping, players from around the world?😎 It's your man Nevies, the panty moistener devout to his studies and making his parents proud kinda guy 😀. I've talked so much about girls and sex-related stuffs that many people think that's all I do all day, like this misguided gentleman @frot:


Well, fuck you! You're correct. Damn🤦‍♂️.

So its by virtue of my reputation as a girl and sex-related-shit connoisseur that I pull out from my safe Haven 😉 to give y'all my take on fat girls and stuff.

So here goes...

I love fat girls.

I usually don't like to talk about a category of girls that I like because there are a lot of categories I like, so I don't want to mention one category and make the people who don't belong in that category feel bad or feel like they don't stand a chance with me when in reality they belong to some other category I like but haven't mentioned. But I like to make this exception for fat girls because I really like them and because they are usually discriminated against and don't feature frequently on the lists of the best girls.

Yet I'm sure a lot of people would read the above paragraph and still register in their minds that all I love are fat girls and girls girls of other sizes should stay away. Please don't listen to them, my dear girls of other sizes, I like more than one thing.

One thing..

I know in places like America, the word 'fat' is offensive and viewed as the wrong way to address weightier folks, they go for words like 'plussize', 'big', etc. But I piss on that. Or rather, my country Nigeria pisses on that. In Nigeria the word 'fat' has no stigma at all or any unpleasant connotation, it's just what it is, a word for a weightier person.

Going further...

Many people love fat girls the way I do, but there is so much shame associated with fat in societies, fat people are looked at in many societies as being of lower value and so even many of those who love them are ashamed of loving them; and many try to hide it.

Fat people porn, better known as bbw porn is the most searched for porn category according to the research carried out by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam, neuroscientists. This is from their research:

For every search for a “skinny” girl, there are almost three searches for a “fat” girl. On the Web, many men are fans of BBW, which stands for Big, Beautiful Women. On the Alexa list, there are more than 504 adult sites explicitly dedicated to heavy ladies, and only 182 explicitly dedicated to skinny ones.

Do you see that, people!
Oh say, can you see? By the research's prying light, what so jiggly we hail, at the twilight's last gleaming...images - 2021-10-29T144322.126.jpeg

That's how much men love fat women, but somehow there's still some shame for fatness. I've heard it said many times that men just love to fuck fat girls and usually don't want any serious things to do with them, and I agree that is true, but that's because of the shame societies attribute to fatness, nothing else. If fatness wasn't stigmatized by societies, if it was viewed as normal as having an eyebrow and men knew no one would say anything about them being with fat women, men that love fat women would happily go for fat women in droves.

People always pop up the question 'what job/occupation would you do if money was not an issue?' these questions are there because what you do without fear of disfavour or promise of favour is the real you. If many men go for fat women when no one is looking, that's the real them, that's what they really want and would have been with if not for the way people would look at them. Porn and one night stands without relationships are the times people won't get to see them and look at them and judge them.

[From Facebook]

Then you'd ask, if that's how much men love fat women, how did the stigma get a hold of society?

The stigma was surely spread by those who don't like fat women. Different people have different likes, not everybody likes fat women and not everybody likes thinner women, I already treated this in my post about sex and body parts' size, people like what they like and usually like to say unpleasant things about what they don't like. Imagine, even an annointed body part like the big booty, guys who don't like it have dared to open their mouths and utter blasphemies like: 'What do you need all that ass for, isn't it just the hole you'd penetrate?' Father, don't forgive them even though they know not what they do.

So, that's how the spread of the stigma surely started, with those who don't like it uttering blasphemies and creating an ongoing story.

Final Notes

I'm not one of them guys who are ashamed, though, I love what I love and I make sure people's opinions don't get in the way, as long as I'm doing nothing bad. Also, when I see what I don't like I don't say unpleasant things about them, I smile knowing that they are there to cater for the needs of others.

So I love fat girls!

But really, thats not the only category of girls I like, there are a lot of things I like and girls of all shapes and sizes have them. Like lips, eyes, foreheads, smile, symmetry, etc!

Also, I've come to find that if you say you love fat girls people think you mean you'd love any fat girl and that all a girl has to do for you to like her is to be fat, but that's not true. This misconception applies to when you say you like any category of girls, though, people take it that you mean all a girl has to do to catch your eye is be in that category, but it's not true. Among the category of girls you like you still have your preferences, you might not like some in that category because they have something else you don't like, etc.

There used to be one problem..

There used to be one problem for me, though, in the past whenever I'm with fat girls that I like all they want to talk about is losing weight, even when I tell them I love them and their fat cuddly bodies. But because there are some health benefit to losing weight, I can't oppose their decisions to lose weight, so I keep living with the fear that this shawthy might lose weight some day.

But in all my years of experience with fat girls I've never met a single fat girl that lost weight successfully (I've seen it on TV though), so I've lost my fear. These days when I'm with a fat girl and she says she's going to lose weight, I just smile and recline on my chair, pull out a cigar, light it, inhale slowly and then puff: 'Yes, you'd lose weight,' I say. I puff again. 'Yes you will.'


Roll with @nevies, I run a Humor, deeper thoughts and sex talk blog here on Hive🌚

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