Sex Education #3: The Million Dollar Explanation for Why Men and Women Don't Chase Sex at the Same Rate

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The rate at which men pursue sex is hugely different from the rate at which women pursue it and this difference is one of the most relevant talking points for any talk about gender and sexual behaviours of the genders.

Usually, men are always open to sex, always ready to have sex, always ready to chase sex and have very little to no inhibitions at all. They're out on social media soliciting for sex in thousands of different ways, bombarding the females with messages, sending unrequested pictures of their penises, etc. It always seem like men are ready to have sex with any decent (and sometimes indecent) girl as long as she's ready and her being ready or not does not to most men.

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Women on the other hand are not involved in the hustle and bustle for sex as much, they say a lot of 'nos' and are not going around men inboxes sending unsolicited nudes and asking men to have sex with them the way men do. Women mostly wait for advances even when their horniness is bursting at the seems. What then is the reason why this two genders don't chase for sex at the same rate?

Sadly, this is a matter poorly understood by at least 99.9% of people. Many people think there is some organ or hormone or just something not yet discovered inside women that make them not to be as crazy for sex as men are, and that there is something else in men doing the opposite; they usually look at male animals like dogs and cocks chasing after the female and the female responding with disinterest and conclude that it is just the way of nature, females including in humans are ordained by nature to not be as interested in sex as males are.

And for that I'll like to reply quickly that animals are not always a reliable source of information on what nature has ordained or not, for example animals are usually happy to mate with their mothers and siblings but humans in most cultures mostly frown at it and it never even crosses most of our human minds. The bodies of most of us wouldn't even respond if we are given the chance to do it.

So it is time we come to understand this phenomenon, and the simple explanation is: upbringing! Upbringing, upbringing, upbringing! Men and women have different upbringings and that's why they have this difference in sexual behaviour.

From a young age children start to learn how things are done in the world, what their genders are allowed to do and what they aren't. Girls start to learn that they aren't supposed to do the chasing and that a girl who is overly interested in sex is a wayward girl, a slut, a whore, a hoe, a bitch. Boys don't come across anything against their having sex while they're growing up, they find that no one looks down on them or call them stupid names when they're having a lot of sex, on the contrary, people praise them and think highly of them.

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All these they learn from the people around them, television, books, etc, and they find out that is how things have been done for ages. These children simply learn and conform, and these things take a very strong hold on them because it is something they begin to learn from a very young age, at the beginning/foundational days.

This only explains how this behaviour spreads but doesn't explain how it all started, so let us explore how it all started since I'm saying it isn't in our nature.

The Origin of the different cultures..

Patriarchy is what mainly explains this. In the distant past, physical strength was everything, it was what was used to farm and hunt for animals and farming and hunting was really important then as they were the only way most societies could feed, many of the jobs we now have weren't in existence back then. Also, humans were not as well organized as they are now, policing wasn't so reliable in the past and the strong usually had their way. So that was why men dominated every sphere due to being physically stronger than women.

Men dominated and women were relegated to the ground floor, and were made to mainly derive their livelihood and relevance from men through marriage. Women's lives became all dependent on pleasing they that lorded over the world: men. The competition among women for the lords raged, women had to be at their best to stand a chance and it was from here that the quality of being untouched by other men but being brand new (virgin) became important, made a woman become more worthy of picking.

Also, being uninterested in sex was a way to make the men feel secured that their woman whom they've taken under their lordly wings would not go sleeping with random men because she wasn't so into sex in the first place, she was special because she could keep herself for only one man and not go sleeping about even when the man doesn't make much time for her, she didn't really like sex in the first place, remember?

So that was it, men's physical strength is the only natural thing her that has given birth to all these. Later, with the coming of industrialization and technology, so many new jobs abound that don't require much physical strength so men have lost most of their dominance. As women have begun to earn for themselves and stand shoulder to shoulder with man it is beautiful that women and men too have begin to question some of the old gender roles that were based on the structure of man being the dominant figure.


Due to these questioning women are becoming free to do a lot of things that they were not allowed to do in the past and sexual freedom is one of them, women are more free now than in the past that's why the culture of women waiting on men to initiate sex and acting disinterested in sex is dying away. But huge remnants of the old culture remains and different societies are progressing at different pace. Also institutions like religion that enshrined all the old principles still have varying holds on different societies.

So with these varying grips the old culture still have in different societies the culture of women being less interested in sex than men still persists (but like I said the good news is it is dying away), and as it persists varying degrees of conformance is still being produced in children as they grow up and that is why men and women still chase sex at different rates.

Nothing else holds women back because women enjoy sex too, they have sensitive parts too, some of which are even more sensitive than that of men, like the clitoris which is generally way more sexually sensitive than the tip of the penis which is the most sensitive part of man's body. Female orgasms last longer than that of males too. Most of the sexual problems women have are rooted in all the inhibitions inculcated into their subconscious from their upbringing. If you grew up seeing everywhere that a woman is dirty if she has sex freely and that her worth reduces with every round, if this keeps being reinforced into your subconscious your body's response to sex is sure to be aversely tampered with.


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For ages birth control played a great part in this , for what's the fun in your life when you have already 6 kids to feed when your only 21 . Naturally this power to give birth , or not , was in the hands of the females . And like in nature , a mother will choose her seed's with care and wait for the proper guy . It isn't that long ago , like my parents both come from family's of 9 children or more .
But now we given this power away to a medicine company , witch gives woman the freedom you speak of ,... free sex . Now this rate thing , after ages of difference practice , will take some generations to wear fully of .
Amazing , is this the age off Aquarius ? ,.. free sex for the lady's ! ,.. still i am looking for a downside to all this , but as a man , i didn't find any yet . ;-)

Hahah. No downsides at all, man, the future is even going to be better when women would be perfectly free - as free as men are. I'm almost saddened that I might be dead by then.

Your approach to understanding this issue is quite logical, do you think it is supposed to supersede what I've written in this post or did you just want to give an interesting alternate angle?

or did you just want to give an interesting alternate angle?

You indeed gave a million dollar explanation ,.. indeed upbringing and culture ,.. i just explained a possible reason , on , Why ? it is upbringing and culture .
Did you know most west EU country's give this freedom in the form of daily pill's to woman for free ,.. from young age on . I do not believe in free rides ,.. so still looking for the downside ,.. witch somewhere there must be .
Ho' when you ever visit west EU ,.. don't drink the water ,... it might grow you boobs , because they can't filter the freedom pill out of their water circulation systems . ;-)

Damn, I never knew of these pills and water stuff, 😟

Then for downsides, I don't see any myself too.

Well what about , it's gone to far ,.. like boys wanna be girls ,.and girls wanna be boys . Or worse , identifying oneself as a non gender object or creature .
Not that i plead for laws to stop it , for everyone should be free to choose as they want . Just let me keep my choice to pass when it enters my direct surroundings . ;-)

Girls start to learn that they aren't supposed to do the chasing and that a girl who is overly interested in sex is a wayward girl, a slut, a whore, a hoe, a bitch. Boys don't come across anything against their having sex while they're growing up, they find that no one looks down on them or call them stupid names when they're having a lot of sex, on the contrary, people praise them and think highly of them.

This is so true..

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