TradingDojo #8: Hustle on the low - 55 Side Hustles you can start TODAY with under $100!

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Throughout my life, I've always tried my hardest to never let myself have less than 2 sources of income during any given period of time. In fact, I actually get physically stressed and "sick" when I only have 2 streams. Having 3 or more sources of income provides a sense of security, as well as satisfaction, that can't be found anywhere else in life (at least for me).

When I was a teenager, I had my own computer repair business, while also buying and flipping various items on Craigslist, and on a larger scale, eBay. I was nicknamed "The Pawn Shop" by other kids my age/within a few years of me both up and down. When I was in 8th grade, I'd have 6th and 7th graders walking to my house after school, eager to pawn off their used iPods and other electronics of value, all so they could get some quick cash for their "habits" (I'm sure you get the drift here)! I'd then take these electronics, wipe their memory, clean them up/repair them if they needed some TLC, and then list them on eBay, always netting a profit of at least 100% or greater.

Doing this allowed me to save up quite a bit before I graduated - I had my own car, insurance, and even my own phone bill, and every dime of these were paid for by myself. I'm quite glad that my parents didn't spoil me, or just hand me money when I needed it. They taught me to work for what I wanted, to use my brain to solve problems. If I wanted something, I had to figure out how to attain it, legally. It was as simple as that, and it helped shape who I've become, which I'm incredibly grateful for. I never looked for handouts - I just forced myself to be creative and find ways to pay for nice things.

Over the years, I've played with a variety of income streams, such as importing various goods from China in bulk, and then flipping them one by one on eBay, or throwing up a lawn sign for computer repair work, turning neighbors & residents of our small community into clients. I've found many streams that work and plenty that do not. Once you build your first side hustle, you quickly find yourself itching to build more. It becomes a mindset, a way of life - you always strive to grow (and earn more moolah)!

I've decided to throw together a list of some ideas that anyone can replicate, with a little elbow grease and (usually) little to no financial investment. Leveraging your time is incredibly powerful here, but you have to stick with it and remain disciplined. You can't quit just because your hustle doesn't moon on its first day, week, even month(s).

Feel free to snag any of these and make them your own - I'd also love to hear from you guys about side hustles you have started, and whether or not they've helped you become more financially successful!

50 side hustles you can start today:

  1. Digital Marketing Consulting
  2. Web Design
  3. Web Development
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Pet Sitter
  6. Craigslist/Facebook Marketplace Flipping
  7. Starting a Blog
  8. Vlogging/YouTube Channel
  9. Twitch Streaming (because getting paid to play games is fun!)
  10. Cutting Hair (I bought a $35 set of clippers yesterday to tech myself how to cut my own hair, but you could cut others too)
  11. Car/Vehicle Repair
  12. Start an eCommerce Shop (think clothing, electronics, etc)
  13. Draw & Sell Caricatures of People
  14. Affiliate Marketing (find products/services in your favorite niche, and create content surrounding them w/ affiliate links)
  15. Amazon Dropshipping
  16. Handyman/Contractor Services
  17. Mow Lawns/Shovel Snow
  18. Grow Vegetables in Backyard & Sell on Side of Road
  19. Canning/Jarring (my mom makes tons of homemade jams and sells them year round!)
  20. Make Candles + Sell
  21. Green Cleaning Service (use green/sustainable products and offer housekeeping service)
  22. Cell Phone/Tablet Repair
  23. Become a Virtual Assistant
  24. Write an eBook in Your Favorite Niche
  25. Personalized Interior Design
  26. Holiday Decorator
  27. Project Management Service
  28. Start a Digital Marketing Agency (subcontract work out to other designers/devs/consultants)
  29. Buy & Sell Domain Names (also consider flipping crypto domains - they're HOT right now!)
  30. Create NFT Artwork to sell on Rarible/other NFT Platforms
  31. Become a Tour Guide (find your favorite area locally & offer tours)
  32. Mobile Pet Grooming
  33. Pooper Scooper (this is actually quite lucrative LOL!)
  34. Wedding Planning
  35. Catering Services
  36. Moving Company (hire some friends & rent a truck w/ upfront deposit from customer)
  37. Remote Bookkeeping Service
  38. Tax Preparation
  39. Ghostwriting Service
  40. Logo Design/Branding
  41. Translating Service
  42. Remote Language Tutoring (you can make $25/hr + with this)
  43. eBay Flipping
  44. Calligraphy Service (offer your beautiful handwriting for events, etc)
  45. Garbage Picking & Flipping (I made quite a bit of money doing this growing up!)
  46. Scrapbooking (Create beautiful scrapbooks for weddings, etc)
  47. Concert/Show Promotion
  48. Voice Over Artist (Fiverr is great for this)
  49. Microbrewing
  50. Winemaking
  51. Selling Plants (grow beautiful plants, plant in pots & sell on side of road or locally online)
  52. Private Tutoring
  53. Private Music Lessons
  54. Airbnb Hosting (If you have a spare room, this is a gold mine!)
  55. Property Management Service


While this is by no means an exhaustive list, I can bet that there are at least a few on this list that might interest most of you reading this. I haven't tried all of these myself, however, I do know someone personally in each area, so I'm comfortable in sharing these, knowing that they indeed can be quite lucrative (if you put your time & focus into it!)

Happy Coinhunting,
Gh0st | @TradingDojo / @nulledgh0st

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Great list.

I’ve also done:

Tarot Reading
Reading Coach
Book Club Hostess
Book Flipping

Thank you for sharing.

Thanks! These are some great ones too. Tarot Reading sounds fun - what sort of money were you able to make doing that?

Also, book flipping sounds promising too. I'm a big fan (as you can tell by the list, haha) of finding hidden gems and flipping xD

Tarot Reading is not really a side gig for me, its how I earn the bulk of my income.

I mostly read for people online, but sometimes I do so in person.

Book flipping is actually not all that profitable (the way I did it), but it does feed my (book buying) habit. One of my favorite passtimes is going to the bookstore and buying a gem. It can get pretty expensive.

That's what I mostly do with side gigs, I use them to feed a specific hobby. I remember a season where I really wanted to buy handmade goods. I created an Etsy Shop, and used most of the money I made on it, buying more stuff from Etsy. I LOVED getting jewelry and handmade soaps and other goods in the mail, and I also loved that it was "free."

I really look forward to the day where the Hive Blockchain is as popular as Etsy, and I can pay for "stuff" using my upvote.

Oh how awesome! It must pay pretty decently if you're able to make it your main income source - congrats!

I've also heard great things about Etsy, especially if you're an artsy/crafty person (like my mom and sister) - there's a pretty large market there for all things creative/niche. It's also a great idea to turn a passion/hobby into a stream of income (like you mentioned doing with Etsy as well). Keeps things fun and at least helps subsidize any cost you might incur to have that particular hobby!

I'm sure the day will be here soon - it might be a few more years, but when that time comes, it's going to be awesome! We just need to continue staying active on here and spreading Hive as far and wide as we can. My guess is that the next big blockchain wave will be when Hive steps into the spotlight.

Cool stuff! I could really try some of these stuffs maybe in future.
Also, I'm really impressed by your paper focus too, man. Having one's eyes focused on the mulla like this is the ultimate feat for today's world.

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Appreciate the love! Definitely give a few a try, you might be surprised how much you can pad your existing income by devoting a few extra hours a week to a new side hustle!

These are really great ways to boost one's income. Thanks for sharing the list, wil bel looking forward to adding a few of them to part of my hustle

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