Breaking News: OffgridLife to build a Rocketship “Spudnik -... powered by Moonshine

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We will issue three Crypto coins to fud the Project.

Moon: Moonshine
Spud: Spudnik
OG: Offgridlife

These tokens will soon be available on Poloniex.

The Rocket will be powered by Moonshine made from Ontario grown Potatoes...

🥔 🚀 🌙

Get on Board the @OffgridLife Moonshine Spudnik Project.

We will mint an infinite number of coins.

Starting price is .00000000000000.....

Act fast. Get in line. Buy now.


How to make Moonshine :

Special thanks to @mineopoly for the moonshine concept.

Bioethanol is a renewable energy source produced from the resources which can be easily replenished. The bioethanol production through fermentation may provide an economically competitive source of energy by its incorporation into gasoline. Production of bioethanol from waste food crops like potatoes could be the better substrate, and the waste produced is also biodegradable. Lack of storage facilities and postharvest losses make potato a promising crop which can be used for production of ethanol. Moreover, the conversion of potato starch into glucose by bakhar is more cost-effective, and fermentation with baker’s yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae yields maximum amount of ethanol. This process of production of ethanol from waste potato would be promising and economically effective for the production of biofuel, called bioethanol.


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Let's get this hustle started. Print coins and sell.

Let’s go into business .... I will change my Profile picture to Snoopy.

Can I be Charlie Brown? And @lucylin can be Lucy.

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Yes ... we need 4 Founders ... let’s do this.

Spudnik crypto Jokes: What do you call a potato that’s reluctant to buy the new Spudnik Crypto coin ?

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I would call that person who was afraid to buy Spudnik a fried potato.

Anyway @leprechaun is your man if you are at least half serious.

You will need an io page and you probably want to work off Ethereum.

Now is the season for shit coins to the moon. Can the cast of Peanuts pull it off? I fell asleep before I could get your reply.... Haha

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Potatoes who are afraid to buy Spudnik crypto are called hesi-taters

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Don't be a hesi-tater
Let's launch a space potatoe
This July with the power of moonshine
And document the crap out of every step of it.

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Unfortunately someone already created the spud coin ....

Off grid to the moon. I guess the first place to start is a discord channel.

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I’m not a crypto guy though .... I need your help. How do we get this set up ?

We will mint an infinite number of coins

You should mint 100 coins, that way the price will be astronomical to get one.

That’s a great idea. We will secretly mint an infinite number of coins and only sell 100.

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Spudnik crypto Jokes: What do you call a potato that’s reluctant to buy the new Spudnik Crypto coin ? @mineopoly

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