The latest NFT craze…. fractional Art

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I thought that maybe this was a joke at first … but apparently not.

Nobody can afford to pay 38 Million for a Digital jpg these days so now we bring you the Fractional Art NFT

Get a square of colour for $2,000 USD

Cheap cheap… they are going fast … buy buy buy.

Obviously there is more money out there than brains. But then again I once thought Tesla and Shopify were a scam… you never know any more.



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Sounds like an overcomplicated alternative to simply creating several copies of the same NFT. For an example there are 100 NFTs to all the Legendary Alpha/Beta Monster Skins in @spliterlands Functionally speaking that sounds a lot like fractional ownership.

Yeah….. it always seems like the NFT and crypto world are trying to catch up to Steemit-Hive… we are 5 years ahead of everyone. @Dan Larimer and @aggroed are pure genius

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I wish to see what SMTs would bring. A basic version was finished coding AFAIK. Maybe BLURT could integrate some of that since there are no custom communities there.

I think that all the Coins on Hive-Engine are already very good SMTs … @aggroed went on his own and created everything that needed to be created. People are hanging around waiting for SMTs and they are already here since the Invention of Steem-Engine, SteemMonsters, Blurt, ProofofBrain, Cent, Cinetv etc…

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I have made a small fortune trading the SMTs including Blurt, Dogecoin, Bitcoin. Ethereum on @aggroed Hive-Engine … earn 100 % a day. Buy the dips, sell the ATH

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