Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for August 31st

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A Guide for the new Hive Students of 2022 - What to post about? by @zakludick


I think that the main issue about this is that new users tend to "copy" older users and write about the same things... When, as you said, everyone should write about HIS/HER passion, as you can blog whatever topic you want here on HIVE... Originality and "specific" topics very often get a lot more upvotes, and it's easier to stick out when there is no forest of same topic posts... ;)

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How to Use Coinmarketcap Products like Alpha by @idiosyncratic1


I'm not a big fan of globalization and I don't like when a big corporation(s) buy small, innovative companies, but it's a fact that many times they bring some new, refreshing things on top... Thanks for sharing these tips for taking out additional info about crypto projects from Coinmarketcap...

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Cómo hacer un hábito irresistible de cumplir // How to make an irresistible habit of compliance by @palomap3


*Personally, I'm a creature of habits and routines, but after the summer vacation, I always have problems building up my working habits... I suppose that's normal, but it still has a demotivational effect as we think that we are lazy...

Thanks for sharing your views and tips on how to build healthy habits!*

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Learning to play dCity by @mypathtofire


Nice to see your city grow. I had started to play dcity a long time ago and I rather enjoyed it but then there were some updates and now the game is too "spreadsheeted" for me... if this is even a word. What I mean is that it has become so complicated, I don't feel any connection to it anymore and it's a pitty because I have quite a big city that is idle somewhere in the Metaworld...

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The dCity stuff looks quite a nice guide for beginners and how to get into the game. Well done guys.

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