Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 12th

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The Simple Lab: How Do I Make My Mushroom Spawn At Home? by @eunoia101


I was always curious about how people grow fungi, and your post was a perfect read for me... I have learned something new! Thanks for that!

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Will Crypto survive the length of time? In what form? In search of Intrinsic Value and Use Cases... by @edje


What a great read! Different topics are covered from different points of view... Comparing with existing technology and giving pros and cons... That's the right way to improve stuff... I would just replace the term "UPGRADE" with improve... IMO, there is no point in upgrading traditional finances as they are completely broken... Bitcoin and blockchain tech is too good to be wasted on the same staff that we are using for decades, and that doesn't work...

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Falling on the flag - sand sculpture by @ammonite


Thanks for the history class about Ireland! Just a few weeks ago I watched the movie Belfast and got reminded about your history... I know that movies aren't a good way of learning stuff, but still, it probably has some truth in them... Like you, I can't believe that people can fight for some stupid "ideals", mostly led by idiots, and especially when it's between neighbors... Like at your place, or civil war in Spain, or anywhere on the planet... I remember when I was in my late teenage years, I was repeating to myself (and others), that I'm not a Hungarian, I am a citizen of the world! Countries are just an illusion...
Great sand sculpture! I bet it looks amazing in the real life...

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Splinterlands Has A Lot Coming Soon We will want more SPS by @stever82


I also saw this discord entry and while reading I was just wondering... how are they dealing with all that at the same time! It's definitely a pretty exciting time to be around splinterlands and being among the lucky ones that have some junk of SPS staked 😉

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