Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 14th

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📷 Satpara Lake by @sharker


Your photos look so unreal! Like they are drawn in some 3D computer app... :) The lake is beautiful and it's a pity that it hasn't more vegetation around it... But at 2636 meters that's normal...
Thanks for sharing!

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Before you take a loan do this by @edystringz


I like to see these kinds of posts as they arise awareness about the pros and cons of getting a loan and having debt... Sometimes it's easy to get a loan, but to return it back can be a challenge...

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The Best Time To Buy Splinterlands Validator Node License by @idiosyncratic1


I was thinking that everyone will look at RF cards, the new TD game, and the SPS price will pump more so that I can peacefully buy a license node for fewer SPS tokens... :) But, I was wrong, people do look at nodes too... :)

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Splinterlands - Chaos In Demand? by @mawit07


"I have been focusing on Chaos card prices a lot lately but the reality is all Splinterlands cards are on the rise."
People probably see everything that is rolled out and they trust the team. Also the game has become much more competitive. You need a very good deck to play in the high leagues. This forces people to upgrade their cards. By doing that the overall supply is reduced.

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Thanks for picking me! Much appreciated :)

You are most welcome! Keep creating awesome content!

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Thank you very much for the update @ourpick .
The above contents picked have high qualities. Kudos 👍 to the writers.
That was a very educating and informative one.

I'm happy that @proofofbrain community has given us the opportunity to engage and share our thoughts on certain issues. So grateful 🙏

Thanks for checking out today's posts! The authors will appreciate it!

You are most welcome ☺️