Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 29th

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Thanks for sharing the recipe for this yummy dessert! Reading this short history, maybe I can do them too... If I have to leave them to burn, I know that! 😂

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Mistakes To Avoid During The Bear Market by @readthisplease


You have shared some typical examples of things NOT to do during the bear market... And if we are honest with ourselves, we can recognize all of them on us... I did it all, but I have learned from my mistakes... Just one good example is those centralized exchanges... I have funds on MtGox, which was a reputable Japanese exchange back in the day... After that, I had some funds on Cryptopia, which was another reputable NZ company... So, the lesson is that there are no guarantees about companies and it doesn't matter from where they come... Your keys, your crypto! Keep those coins in your wallets... ;)

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Very Attractive Colored Honey Bee | Macrophotography by @idayrus


I like to photograph bees, but unfortunately, I don't have the equipment to do so... You did a great job with this flower and the bee!

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The best way to learn things is by trying and learning from your mistakes... Thanks for sharing them as it could help others to avoid them... ;)

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Thank you for choosing my post, @ourpick and the rest of the community.

Thanks for sharing the recipe for this yummy dessert! Reading this short history, maybe I can do them too... If I have to leave them to burn, I know that! 😂

Just don't leave it to burn, but if it tastes great, you have created another history of the cow dung tart. 😜😜😜

You are welcome! Keep creating awesome posts!

I'm positive I will.
But I haven't been writing since I've been too occupied with my real life.

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Great selection guys!

Thank you! Have an awesome day!

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