Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 2nd

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Buy Cassava Chips From Tanjung Pura, Kripik Cinta Mas Hendro by @aswita


That's a huge amount of different chips! How do they sell that much? It has to be a very frequent market...
Thanks for sharing!

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My people, our tradition; my interest. by @lightpen


What a great story! A good reminder that love always wins!!!
Thanks for sharing it with us!

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Examining CUB DAO Report from Investors' Perspective by @idiosyncratic1


Thanks for sharing your point of view about the newest CUB report... Wrapping fees are great when participants are actively depositing and withdrawing liquidity, but it's great that there are arbitrage activities as they can yield a lot of profits in volatile markets...
Maybe we did hit the bottom with CUB and PolyCUB prices??

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My First Impressions Of The Rising Star Game by @muratkbesiroglu


I have been playing Risingstar for quite some time. When I compare it with Alien Worlds, I believe it carries much more dimensions. You have to make sure to balance ego - fans - skills, you have the choice to buy NFt's to progress in the game and there is actually a very long time perspective by progressing from one Zone to the next. Even after playing for a very long time, my Country-tour is still not unlocked :-). I like how the owner tries to give additional value to the token and the game in general. It's not easy, especially in the market conditions we are now.

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Today I'm left with @muratkbesiroglu's first impressions of one of the coolest games on Hive @risingstargame

It is one of the best blockchain games with the best community!

Some great selections guys!

Thanks for checking out our posts!

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