Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 5th

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A short walk through Beşiktaş and the Dolmabahçe Palace by @coquicoin


So much history is written on those walls and old buildings! It's amazing how that Dolmabahçe Palace Entrance looks! Impressive!
Thanks for sharing your walk with us...

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Living beyond your means: A deterrent to you and your financial freedom by @iskafan


Huh... I would go a bit more far and say that living beyond your means is one of the root problems of our shaky economies all around the globe... It's bait for financial slavery from which is very hard to get free...
It's not all about the money and if you can't afford to buy something, don't do it! Something much better is waiting for you around the corner...

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Hive Power UP Day : Hispanic Preliminary Results September 2022 [ENG/ESP] || #HispanicHPUD by @victoriabsb


One of my favorite initiatives here on HIVE is #HivePUD and having a Hispanic version of it is just another, an additional level of awesomeness! :) It is a great motivational push for people to get involved and connect with others!
Thanks for organizing it!

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Splex.gg Tutorial: So You Wanna be a Splinterlands Rentlord? by @sketchygamerguy


Thanks a lot for this amazing tutorial. I've gone trough your post quickly but I will definitely need to have another more in dept look soon 🙂

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Thank you very much for the mention and the support :)

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You are welcome! I enjoyed your travel blog and I hope that other readers will enjoy it too!

Thanks again :)


What were restaurants called during the Jurassic?

Credit: reddit
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Thanks alot. ❤️

Once again, thanks for the support and the ecency points. I am grateful. ❣️

You are most welcome! Keep creating great posts!

I'll do my best. Thanks.