Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 8th

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Do you believe in destiny? by @edystringz


Great post that made me think a lot... :)
I can agree with Puzo's theory that everyone has one destiny, but I'm sure that we can "choose" the way how will we reach it, or how will we get there...

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Commentary: GeoMining — Use Cases Without Utility or Purpose? by @denmarkguy


Thank you for sharing your point of view about GeoMining... You have saved me some time for researching it...
I saw the ad for the COIN project/token on Facebook, but it looked childish and without sense to me too... I didn't research deeper about it, but I will trust you with this one as I had a similar impression that there is nothing "under the hood"... But, maybe both of us are wrong and we don't see the big picture...

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Nothing Breaks Like a Heart - Miley Cyrus | Cover by @nataliaeline


After a little break, finally @nataliaeline is back with her sweet singing! She is bringing the song Nothing Breaks Like a Heart , by Miley Cyrus.

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How Do You Know What's Best? by @rosiew


According to your post, I would say that you are still fresh in all this crypto-craziness, and not a professional crypto-trader (as most of us noobs...). So, the best advice would be to DO NOTHING when these volatile moves are happening in the markets... I know that a lot of people will pressure you to BUY or SELL, but I would stay far away from those people (not financial advice... lol...)

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I guess this new development is encouraging to me. It will help me think of something sensible and of quality moral to write.

I am challenged.

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I'm glad that you are challenged... Thanks for checking out!


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Thank you so much for featuring me!! WOW! What an honor! That means so much!!

You are welcome! Keep on creating awesome content!







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You are most welcome! Keep on creating awesome stuff! :)







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