Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 8th

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Occasionally, we will pick a couple of awesome posts that we find interesting and will suggest them for your further reading... We hope that it will help authors as an additional promotion... We support creators with our upvotes in Hive, but also in other tribe tokens! These Hive-Engine tribes give additional value to the whole ecosystem and help authors and curators to follow their niches and dreams...

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Along The Less-Traveled Path by @ifarmgirl


Great story and even greater photos! Why is that path bulldozed?
Cute two baby birds! I hope they have found their mother...

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Ways to Get Prepared for Splinterlands Town Defense by @idiosyncratic1


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the new SPLTD game! I was playing some tower defense games in the past and I do like the concept, so I will probably test it by using some of my assets from Splinterlands... Not sure about chasing that promo hero card, but I will try the game for sure!

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I reached 2K HP, my tokens and goals for Hive! by @shiftrox


Congratulations on reaching 2K Hive Power! That's an amazing accomplishment!
I like your 50/50 strategy! If I knew this before, I would perform much better... Began to do this maybe a year ago and the results are fantastic! Priorities are important!

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RiftWatchers Summoners Analysis FernHeart by @qyses


Great analysis of this new summoner. I love the art of this nft and it can be very bad ass with giving range the ability to be played in first position. I see Cornealus in first position backed by a ton of healers 🙂

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Thank you so much for including my post, I truly appreciate it.

You are welcome! I enjoyed your post and photos!!!
Keep creating great content!

Thank you and cheers!
Happy weekend!


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