Our Pick - Reading Suggestions for September 9th

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Dexter's Bone Of Contention by @wrestlingdesires


Instead of burying the old hatchet, they have shared an old bone... :)
Great story! I enjoyed reading it!

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I can't pick what place looks better... Karatas cave looks awesome and you created a great video about it, but that lake looks so calm, and peaceful... Look at those ducks! They have the best times of their lives! 😀

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Five Reasons It Is Hive Over Other Platforms For Me by @merit.ahama


You have really good points about HIVE in the post! Except for not being as popular as Facebook (or other "traditional" social networks... but that can change in the future easily...), HIVE is by far the best blogging and social network platform...
Even if we don't look at decentralized and own your content part of it... I can't understand people who lose their time creating content for OTHERS...

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Delivering Knock-out Punches with Queen Mycelia and Mylor Crowling by @mypathtofire


Mylor with amplify is pretty difficult to circumvent especially when it's mele only ruleset. But even with magic if you have a magic reflect as tank and some healing it's a very nice lineup 🙂

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What did the full glass say to the empty glass?
You look drunk!

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