Bounty Post - Find it and win HIVE

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A New post starting which will make many to start looking and waiting for the next one

What is Bounty Post?

Bounty is when you ask people to make a task and get rewarded after doing it

So the Bounty Post will be something like that

The Winners will be 3 always ( except if only 2 or 1 participation apply )


The Rewards

Per Winner

First Place 1 HIVE

Second Place 0.50 HIVE

Third Place 0.25 HIVE


What will be the tasks?

Every task will be inside the Hive Blockchain

The Tasks can be

Comment to a post
Watch a video post
Find the Author of the post


The Bounty post will be weekly but if i see many members participate i will make it daily or every 2 days will see until then


When start?

Tomorrow 08/09/22 will be the first post so get ready for Bounty Posting


Until my next post...

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