Memories : The day i go out with my sister


Today i will write about the day i go out with my sister


Friday 01/04/2022

The day start with my boss decide to pay me even tell me will not pay me ( i have a good day in work so maybe was that )

So he pay me and i go to pay the rent and other things

I was very happy so i call my sister to see what she doing

She tell me was cleaning the house
( Is living with God Father )

Then start tell me about the problems in the relationship she have we discuss and after this time i decide to go there and we go for walk

I take a Taxi and go

I arrive around 13:00 AM there where i was sitting she tell me we need to wait the God Father

So we waiting for him until 14:30 AM we talk and after that we go for walk

First she tell me we need to go in Pireaus to leave something in a friend of her so i agree

In bus maybe i sleep a little

We arrive and start walking to Freatida ( is a regiom in my city ) there she left the things and we going home to take my stuff so i can go to work after the walk after there we sit to a cafe shop to talk again

Around 30 minutes we start walking again

We arrive in Train station
( after long time )

We take a photo and we leave each other after that i realize i have made more of 20.000+ steps in Actifit
( Hive everyday )

The i go to work which i arrive early and don't believe i was out

Thank god I don't sleep to work and everything was alright


This is a memory i want to remember because we don't doing that very often

Until my next post.


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